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8.76 million+ high-quality global buyers , exploring a broader potential customer base, and expanding more business opportunities
Digging and analyzing the transaction record of Peers
6.73 million+ global suppliers, providing you with accurate data and trend analysis of peers
Do you encounter these challenges ?
Lack of familiarity with overseas markets
Primarily focused on domestic business, you aim to expand into overseas markets.However, you are unclear about the demands of products within the target country and are struggling to find a starting point.
The cost and effectiveness of the inquiry-waiting models prove burdensome.
Offline exhibitions and large-scale B2B platforms require an annual investment of ¥2m to ¥6m, but the orders received are not enough to sustain a company's operations.
Lowe analysis and development efficiency
Significant time is consumed in utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc., social platforms and yellow pages websites to locate customers, and working overtime on a regular basis;
Spend a lot of time searching for original trade data, verifying the authenticity of the data, putting massive amounts of data into Excel, and manually summarizing information on your own.
Challenges in locating high-quality customers
Insufficient understanding of customer's background can hinder effective customer classification, resulting in selection of low-quality customers that lead to pointless daily customer follow-ups;
B2B platforms tend to have substantial C-side customers and intense low-cost competition from peers, making it difficult to locate high-quality customers.
The Benefits of Utilizing Customs Data
Developing high-quality customers
Locate and develop customers with high potential
Peer business monitoring
Identify competitors in the same industry and monitor competitors’ import and export data
Digging for individual customer value
Understand customer purchase preferences and behaviors,identify key information such as purchase cycle, volume, timing, and price of purchases.
Navigating new markets
Scan for new market opportunities can greatly facilitate your understanding of the marketplace and the development of marketing strategies.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q   Why customs data is not updated in real-time?
We don't use existing domestic interface data. In order to ensure the authenticity and completeness of the data, we purchase raw data from different countries,The original data volume is huge, and the data formats of each country are inconsistent. After purchasing, they need to be cleaned, summarized, and put online.The entire process takes about one month.
Q   Does one-month delayed in data have an impact on our analysis?
No impact, as the main function of customs data is to analyze the purchase cycle, purchase frequency, market analysis, demand mining, purchase habits, etc. of buyers,which has little impact on the overall one month.
Q   Do all customs data have contact information?
Customs data usually doesn't have contact information, as the import and export data collected by customs departments is mainly used for statistical analysis and management of export and inport goods, rather than for sales and marketing.The customs data contains basic information about import and export goods, such as the name, quantity, weight, value, import and export date, trading country/region, etc., as well as other information related to the goods, such as customs code, transportation method, port, etc. This information can be used to analyze market demand, understand trade trends, evaluate market share, and formulate marketing strategies.
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