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The correct way to open customs data is all here
The correct way to open customs data is all here
Have you always had such troubles in the foreign trade industry

Where are overseas customers looking for?

Where are the global distribution regions of target customers?

How to gain insight into market development trends and identify potential business opportunities?

How to screen high-quality buyers and promote stable cooperation between buyers and sellers?

How to monitor competitors and enhance one's own competitiveness

Actually, the important information you want, customs data can tell you!

Customs data, as an indispensable and important part of the Sino foreign trade ecosystem, has also been implemented by the government to promote the development of big data. It helps foreign trade enterprises continuously screen high-quality markets from customs data, explore new business opportunities, accurately obtain buyer data, quickly enhance the core competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises, and promote stable cooperation between buyers and sellers.

Compared to the foreign trade industry, import and export data is one of the most valuable data, so what are the advantages of making good use of customs data?

1. Analyze market goals and identify potential business opportunities

Through the analysis of customs data transaction records, it is possible to intuitively understand the market procurement situation, hot selling products, profit margin, sales quantity, number of buying and selling transactions, import quantity, buyer distribution and region, thereby understanding and mastering market distribution and trend changes, adjusting market strategies in a timely manner, and discovering potential business opportunities. Reduce enterprise costs and increase export profits.

2. Understand buyer procurement patterns and quickly develop new customers

Customs data automatically updates the transaction vouchers of both buyers and sellers every month to ensure the real-time, accuracy, and authenticity of buyer information. Through that information, we can analyze the data from multiple dimensions and clearly understand the buyer's company profile, enterprise size, purchased products, procurement patterns, and strength.

Obtain accurate customer information, develop and mine procurement decision-makers, quickly obtain buyer contact information, change the previous "waiting for a rabbit" customer acquisition perception, and take the initiative to quickly acquire customers.

Here is a friendly recommendation for a useful website for decision-makers and customer backtracking, By registering, you can use it for free for 14 days and find information such as purchase, owner, CEO, founder, and other decision-maker emails, phone numbers, etc. Small companies do not have many personnel, and co founders, CEOs, bosses, and others are decision-makers. However, for large and medium-sized companies with a certain scale, they need to find procurement or product managers who can be contacted as decision-makers.

3. Monitor existing buyer loyalty and consolidate existing customers

Through customs data, we can constantly monitor the transaction trends of existing buyers, monitor the loyalty of old customers in procurement, ensure long-term and lasting cooperative relationships with old customers, avoid being backtracked by competitors, and firmly grasp the resources of old customers at all times.

4. Insight into market development trends and adjust market strategies

As one of the core data information of cross-border trade, customs data is a crucial information guarantee for foreign trade export companies to open up overseas sales markets. Through customs data, we can comprehensively compare the needs of buyers and find breakthroughs. By enhancing our own advantages and improving our weaknesses, we can better position our business scope, adjust market strategies, and further consolidate cooperation relationships

5. Screening high-quality buyers and promoting stable cooperation between buyers and sellers

We should always keep an eye on any buyer's movements, adjust market prices and sales strategies in a timely manner, and avoid being undercut by competitors. We should also identify the buyer's concerns and find reasons why they can continue to cooperate with us. Will there be any problems in the cooperation process to ensure the continuous cooperation of old customers.

6. Monitor competitors to quickly seize the market

Through customs data investigation and collection of industry competition information, analyze the background and production and operation status of competitors, adjust their market strategies accordingly, improve the success rate of signing orders, quickly seize the sales market of competitors, reverse mine accurate potential customers in the industry, and put themselves in a favorable position in the competition!
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