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Why do you not send mass development letters
Why do you not send mass development letters
Opening letters is something that every foreign trader must do. Generally, foreign trade companies will stipulate how many opening letters to send to foreign trade business personnel every day, including new customers, follow-up customers, cooperative customers, silent customers, etc. (Maybe each company has a little difference in this customer division) development letter.

Before writing a development letter, the first thing to be clear is:
1. Who did you send this development letter to?

2. Why do you write to the other party?

3. What to write?

4. What purpose do you want to achieve?

5. What do you hope the other party will do next?

6. What are the benefits of the other party doing what you say?

So for the above different categories of customers, what kind of development method would you choose, send emails in groups? Or is it precise development and writing a development letter in a targeted manner?

In the current market situation, more and more group sending tools emerge in an endless stream. Group sending tools For foreign trade salesmen, group sending tools help you save a lot of time. It is an opportunistic tool to complete the company's daily tasks in a mechanized and programmed manner; but for foreign companies, homogeneous and lack of quality development Letters add to their workload and options, and are a waste of time.

The following are the disadvantages of mass mailing:
1. Repeatedly receiving a large number of emails

Every 3-5 days, you can receive a simple and untargeted development letter from the same company. Not only is the content useless, it makes people feel that your company is not professional at all, and you will only send the same development letter repeatedly. letter.

Don't make foreign customers disgusted by the Chinese way of development.

2. Doubt about the authenticity of the email

Because the company suffix of your company is not displayed when you send it through a third-party email tool, some foreign customers will doubt the authenticity of the company, so they will not click on the email or not reply.

3. Improve the sensitivity of email identification

A large number of groups use third-party email tools to send a large number of quality emails, which not only makes quality and content supplier emails "junk" together, but also makes major email systems more sensitive to identify spam. It is true. Injure the enemy one thousand and self-injure eight hundred.

Therefore, we should conduct background analysis on the company, and have a certain understanding of the content, price and quantity of the products it purchases and supplies. In the follow-up development process, we can output targeted content, strive for a punch to the meat, and reply to every letter. 
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