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How Senior Business Managers Use Customs Data
How Senior Business Managers Use Customs Data
To quickly place an order, it is important to choose the right method. There are actually many methods for developing customers, but each company has different scales, stages, and products, and the methods chosen may vary to some extent. Everyone should be familiar with customs data. Today, we will mainly talk about how to efficiently utilize customs data to develop high-quality foreign buyers.

Using customs data is also a discipline

Through customs data, you will learn the following content

1. Industry analysis

2. Understand the export situation of competitors

3. Who are the potential buyers still collaborating with

4. Which customer groups are in urgent need of procurement

Although I know which buyers are purchasing your products

Doesn't mean it's all suitable for you to develop

Some have always been active in the market, and the cooperation chain is very stable, making it difficult for you to develop

What is truly suitable for your development

It's the kind of unstable collaboration chain

Buyers who urgently need to purchase your product

Buyers whose procurement quantity matches your supply quantity

Additionally, it is important to grasp the procurement cycle of the purchaser

Contact him at the most suitable time, with a high success rate

We can determine which market to develop by reviewing the global procurement situation of the product

You can also analyze the proportion of your product purchased by this foreign purchaser

Also, perhaps you thought you had directly contacted a foreign purchaser

I directly found the end buyer

In fact that was not the case.

Actually, many foreign buyers

After buying your product

They will export to other countries and sell to others again

So we can analyze the situation of foreign buyers through customs data to see if we can still explore deeper end customers and improve profits.

Customs data website:

Of course, there are very few free customs data now, and tracking data supports a free three-day trial and monthly payment. If you want to obtain more comprehensive customer information, it is definitely better to be an annual member. Convenient to search and use, highly cost-effective, and able to explore contact information.

Usage: Direct train:

3. Suggestions

1) Use multiple keywords on the platform to search for more customers in the industry.

2) If non English text appears during the search for customs data of a certain country, we can use translation to convert it for easy viewing.

3) After finding the client's contact person, remember to learn about their educational background, work experience, work achievements, etc. on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or the social media website

In short, the more you understand, the easier it is to determine the best way to communicate with customers; Efforts should also be made to obtain company and industry information about potential customers, in order to help you better conduct your business.

4. Summary

I have summarized the following steps for customs data colleagues to find customers:

For well used foreign traders, customs data is a treasure trove because the customer transaction information on customs data is real. Finding mining and breakthrough points will make development much easier.
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