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Four Deadly Techniques for Opening Large Orders in Foreign Trade
Four Deadly Techniques for Opening Large Orders in Foreign Trade
I don't know if everyone has this kind of time:

How many consecutive months without orders?

Always making small orders, feeling like big orders belong to others?

After placing an order this month, I am worried about the performance of next month, and the performance is unstable?

I hope the following sharing can help you~

1、 Essential

Which means a sense of purpose

Extremely eager to get an order. When encountering problems and finding ways to solve them, how can I secure an order?

You can ask more about Google, seniors, forums, various foreign trade groups, Little Red Book bosses, and so on

Picky customers are often more interested, remember not to be afraid of difficulties, but to face them head-on

Some ways to enhance a sense of purpose:

1. Quantitative short-term goals: SMART principle, such as how much performance must be achieved per month or how many customers must be developed, etc

2. Make good use of the target execution table (performance table): with data, achievement rate, and weekly review and summary

3. Kanban management: Set the goal to use mobile phone or computer wallpaper as a reminder, always maintaining a sense of urgency=

4. Find a supervisor (important!)

2、 Continuous follow-up

First, select customers and conduct back tracking. Failure to respond to high-quality B-class customers is a daily matter, and it is important to have the courage to continue following up

Maintain continuous development of major clients. My major orders are for clients who have been developed or transferred, and I only place orders for one or even three years

Remember, the real explosion always comes from big customers, distribution customers, making it easier for you to do things ❗ : ❗ :

If the customer explicitly states that the procurement period is a few months later, and you are concerned that contacting them during this period may make them feel like they are being violated, you can politely ask: Shall we keep you posted for the latest news during this period? I have never encountered a customer who doesn't say 'YES'

The news here can include product images, videos, customer reviews, production, shipping, customer visits, industry information, competitor analysis, local market analysis, and more. When sharing, be sure to consider an altruistic perspective!!

I hope some altruistic language skills can help you

This is a very normal thing, all customers before understanding the product is too expensive

This is a very normal thing, all customers are considered expensive until they understand the product.

I send you the information, can let you choose the product, avoid a lot of detours

The information I sent you can help you avoid many detours when choosing products.

The market is so competitive now that no company would be foolish enough to sell a product of the same quality at a higher price than anyone else less the company is not big at all

The market competition is so fierce now, no company will be foolish enough to sell products of the same quality at a higher price than others unless the company doesn't want to grow at all.

I am very confident about our products, and you can choose after comparing them

I have great confidence in our product and can let you choose after comparison.

No worries about the product, is the best product

A product without worries is the best.

It's true that our prices are higher, but many customers know that our prices are higher, and they still choose us, not because they have more money, but because they choose between low price and quality

Our price is indeed a bit higher, but many customers know that our price is a bit higher, and ultimately choose us, not because they have more money, but because they have made a choice between low price and quality.

Good product quality is only the promise, the follow up service is also relevant is the key

Good product quality is only a prerequisite, and reliable subsequent services are the key.

The Quality of the product is the result that you finally see with your own eyes No matter how much I say before the operation, it hasn't happened yet The Beauty after you use it is true

The quality of the product is the result of what you see with your own eyes. No matter how extravagant I said before the cooperation, it is still something that has not happened yet. What you use to achieve beauty is truly true.

3、 Learning ability

Share some commonly seen foreign trade related topics:

China Trade News Network

Fubu Foreign Trade Forum

Foreign trade gongzong account: Tess Foreign Trade Club (thinking is really powerful)

Xiaohongshu: Sophie's Foreign Trade Notes

4、 Thinking

It is necessary to mention Kazuo Inamori's success formula here:

Life and Work Results=Thinking Style (-100~+100) X Effort (0~+100) Ability (0~+100)

The meaning is that even with effort and ability, the money earned is still easily defeated by cognitive impairment.

Take a real chestnut:

Business A felt that customer B did not respond, determined that he was not interested, and instead followed up with Nice's C customer supervisor. After conducting a back investigation, it was discovered that B was a major B-class customer in the industry for over a decade, while C was an end customer. Let Business A continue to activate B in different dimensions, and after Business A appears to accept it, it still takes more time to get along well with C customers.

Although Customer C has won, Customer B has also placed a large order with their peers.

Thinking hasn't opened up, big order says goodbye

Let's grow together and encourage each other!
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