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How to maintain old customers
How to maintain old customers
How to maintain old customers, we must first classify old customers:
1. Classify according to the size and strength of customers
According to the customer's annual turnover, number of employees, market share, brand awareness and other indicators, customers are divided into large customers, medium customers and small customers. This allows the potential and value of customers to be identified and resources and time allocated accordingly. the

2. Classify according to customer needs and preferences
According to customers' product needs, procurement cycle, price sensitivity, quality requirements, service requirements and other factors, customers are divided into high-demand customers, low-demand customers, high-value customers, low-value customers, etc. In this way, the psychology and behavior of customers can be understood, and personalized programs and services can be provided. the

3. Classify according to the customer's industry and market
According to the industry and market characteristics of the customers, the customers are divided into the same industry customers, cross-industry customers, mature market customers, emerging market customers, etc. In this way, you can grasp the customer's industry dynamics and market trends, and adjust your own products and strategies.

4. Classify customers according to their relationship and loyalty
According to the history of cooperation and trust between customers and foreign traders, customers are divided into old customers, new customers, loyal customers, lost customers, etc. This builds and maintains good relationships, as well as increases customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

5. Classify according to customer satisfaction and feedback
According to the evaluation and feedback of the products and services of the foreign trader, the customers are divided into satisfied customers, dissatisfied customers, complained customers, praised customers and so on. This can improve the quality and level of your work, as well as increase customer reputation and recommendations.

In addition, old customers who have already made transactions must pay attention to after-sales service, and at the same time establish customer transaction files, which are divided into customer files and transaction files, and file needs analysis and basic information of customers for subsequent viewing.

How should we maintain old customers? It is divided into three parts, transaction care, emotional care and other care, as shown in the following figure:

Marketing to old customers
1. Active Marketing
Actively send emails or private messages to inform old customers of new product developments, new technologies, new event discounts, etc.

2. Interactive marketing
While maintaining your own social platform and posting company-related news, actively interact and comment on the social platforms of old customers to increase the impression of old customers on you and maintain relationships.
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