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Why can't you search for your keywords?
Why can't you search for your keywords?
1. Whether the product is a finished product or a semi-finished product (the following is an example of LED lights and masterbatch)

Finished products can be used directly after purchase by customers, such as LED lamps, and semi-finished products are processed materials, such as masterbatches, which are raw materials for plastic products such as plastic toys and plastic packaging, and hardware accessories, which are also considered semi-finished products
1. Finished product: lamp
According to the purchasing group (who): dealers, end customers (decoration companies)
According to the occasion of use (where): civil lights, architectural lights, car lights, stage lights, marine lights, etc.
According to the product use (where): bedroom lights, kitchen lights, bathroom lights, restaurant lights, study lights, corridor lights, etc. according to the manufacturing materials (what). Metal lamps, plastic lamps, glass lamps, ceramic lamps, etc.
According to the installation method (how): ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, architectural lighting, floor lamps, etc.
According to the purchasing group: distributors (directly use their own product search), end customers (use the customer's product search)
According to the occasion of use: food factories, such as chocolate factories, biscuit factories, milk factories, etc. (keywords can be entered as chocolate factories)
2. Semi-finished products: Masterbatch
According to the purchasing group (who), distributors (use their own products for keywords), end customers (factory customers, use customers' products) according to product usage (where), plastic packaging, plastic toys, electrical casings, etc. (keyword input plastic packaging factory)

2. Whether the customer is a dealer, a retailer, or an end customer
If it is a dealer or retailer, you can directly enter your own product keywords, because they sell directly after purchasing our products. If it is an end customer, you need to see what products the customer is, and enter the customer's product key Words, such as masterbatch, can be directly entered into the plastic toy search.

3. The more accurate the keywords, the more accurate the searched information will be. It is best to build long-tail keywords

Take the keyword led warning light as an example

1. Keywords + suffixes of companies from various countries: US "led warning light" inc UK "led warning light" SA
You can search list of companies india on google to find the directory or business directory of Indian companies, so as to determine the end of Indian companies. 

2. Keyword + international domain name abbreviation: France “led warning light” .FR Germany “led warning light” .DE

3. Keyword + customer nature: "led warning light" importer "led warning light" distributor

4. Enter customer product keywords: first analyze the use of your own products and the customer's products, such as our product is a car light, you can directly search for the car factory, such as input car manufacturer OR car factory, etc.

5. Analyze the keywords placed in the title, description, and keywords of the existing customer's official website, and use the customer's keywords to search
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