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How can foreign traders handle German clients who are known for their rigor? It's not as difficult a
Germany is the largest consumer market in Europe and one of the markets that foreign traders are most concerned about. For foreign traders, Germany's economy is developed and the foreign trade market is mature. Once cooperation is formed, the benefits it can bring will be very considerable. But at the same time, German clients are known for their rigor, so it's not that easy to handle them. Of course, that's not as difficult as imagined, so how can we handle German customers?
High standards and quality

German customers have very high requirements for product quality and standardization, and they will not accept many ambiguous things, even if you offer a lower price. Therefore, whether it is samples or actual production, foreign traders must strictly follow the requirements of the other party, rather than holding a mentality of luck.

Emphasize legality and compliance

German customers also attach great importance to legality and compliance when doing foreign trade. They usually require suppliers to provide complete qualification certificates and strictly comply with laws and regulations during the trade process. Therefore, it is best for foreign traders to clearly indicate their qualifications from the beginning in order to obtain the most basic recognition.

In addition, German customers also attach great importance to contracts, and they will require suppliers to strictly follow the contract. Therefore, when signing a contract, foreign traders should be cautious and avoid agreeing to things they cannot do.

Emphasize efficiency

German customers, like American customers, place great emphasis on efficiency, so they actually tend to prefer a direct communication approach. Therefore, in the process of negotiating with German clients, it is best for foreign traders to be more direct rather than overly polite, as this is very detrimental to the progress of negotiations.

Long term stable cooperation

German clients tend to prefer establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships. Therefore, when dealing with German clients, it is recommended that foreign traders first make a background check. If the other party does have the strength, whether it is the current negotiation or the details of the cooperation, it is best to start from the perspective of long-term cooperation.

You can use tracking data to view the purchasing quantity of the customer. If the purchasing quantity is stable and large, and the purchasing cycle is regular and the product types are also concentrated. This means that the other party should be a professional major customer and the company's business situation is good, so this customer is a key target that foreign traders can focus on.


Clear distinction between public and private

German clients will clearly distinguish between life and work, so foreign traders should avoid discussing personal privacy, family life, etc. during the negotiation process. This will make the other party feel offended, thereby reducing their favorability and having a negative impact on the negotiation process.

Pursuing innovation and progress

German customers have a high interest and demand for new products and technologies, which means that when you have new products, choosing to test the German market would be a very good option. But this also means that if you don't innovate your products and technologies for a long time, you are likely to be eliminated by the other party, so it is very important to persist in innovation and create new highlights.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics of German customers, or if you want to obtain tracking data analysis tools, you can send us a private message~
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