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A must see for beginners in foreign trade! How to search and select customs data? Don't step on thun
Customs data is a potential huge treasure trove for foreign traders, and its usefulness is very extensive. Before sellers can leverage customs data, the first thing they need to do is find reliable customs data. So how to search for customs data and how to choose it?

Customs data query

1. Official platform

Each country has its own customs department responsible for managing and maintaining international trade data, which is also the initial source of customs data.

2. Foreign platforms

The World Bank, the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology all have certain customs data updates.

3. Data tools

There are many data query tools on the market now, which usually integrate customs data from various countries.

How to choose?

The first two are free, but querying them can be quite cumbersome. On the one hand, the data is scattered, and on the other hand, the workload is also very large. The third type generally requires payment, but the advantage is convenience and speed. So how should we choose a customs data query tool?

1. Is there an independent query system: Some companies provide it in the form of Excel files, which means there are two possibilities. One possibility is that the company is actually reselling data, and the other possibility is that the other party does not have enough strength to develop the system. This means that there are actually certain doubts about the accuracy and timeliness of the data.

2. Update time: The update time of data is also one of the key points that foreign trade professionals can focus on. If the update speed is very fast, it means that its data is likely to be directly called from existing domestic interface data, making it difficult to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the data.

Of course, if the data update speed is too slow, it is also unacceptable. The international situation is constantly changing, and there is a long delay in the update time, which will weaken the referenceability of the data.

3. Whether to restrict keywords: Whether the data is complete can be judged based on whether it restricts keywords. If there are restrictions on keywords, it is highly likely that the other party has partial data, while other data is waiting for the foreign trader to pay before purchasing from other companies.

4. Attempt to verify: Foreign traders can verify the accuracy of their trade data by requesting the other party to query their own trade data.

Tracking data allows free and unlimited access to the transaction overview of all enterprises, and provides multi-dimensional transaction reports to help foreign traders fully understand the transaction details of the enterprise. The search results are fast, and the system is stable and not lagging.

The above are some details that foreign traders need to pay attention to when searching for and selecting customs data. If you want to learn more, you can send us a private message~

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