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What are the characteristics of French customers? How should beginners in foreign trade cope?
France is one of the most important components of the European market. With a developed economy, high per capita GDP, strong consumption capacity, and predictable market prospects, France has a very broad market outlook. In recent years, China and France have had close economic and trade exchanges. According to official data, the bilateral trade volume between China and France reached RMB 541.67 billion in 2022, accounting for 9% of the total trade volume between China and Europe.
France is also one of the preferred markets for domestic trade exports, so what are the characteristics of French customers? How should beginners in foreign trade respond in order to facilitate order fulfillment as much as possible?
Personality traits

French people are naturally romantic, value leisure, and have a poor sense of time, so they often change the time for communication or meetings. As a novice in foreign trade, it is important to note that the other party may not lack the willingness to cooperate, but rather their personality. So when negotiating with French clients, foreign trade beginners should be more patient and try to avoid being too impatient.

Negotiation etiquette

French people pay more attention to personal privacy and do not like to discuss personal matters during negotiations, which can make them feel offended. Therefore, when negotiating with French clients, foreign traders should maintain boundaries and be business oriented.

In addition, the French also place great emphasis on politeness and respect. They prefer to use honorific language and address others, rather than calling them by their first name or using abbreviations. Therefore, unless requested by the other party, it is best for foreign traders to avoid using their first names to show closeness.

Negotiation preferences

French people tend to prefer horizontal negotiations, where both parties first communicate a rough outline and then discuss the details of the agreement around the negotiation framework. This can actually effectively save negotiation time for both parties, because if the general framework cannot be negotiated, the significance of detailed negotiations is not significant.

In the negotiation process, the French prefer to use rationality and logic to analyze problems, so as long as your viewpoints and requirements are reasonable, don't be afraid to bring them up. Actively negotiate, and the result will be more in line with the interests of both parties.

Credit status

The reputation of the French is above average, but this does not mean that all French customers are trustworthy. Therefore, for new customers, novices in foreign trade need to conduct background checks, while for old customers, foreign trade professionals also need to take risk prevention measures.

Customer background check, foreign trade personnel can use tracking data to directly search for the customer's name and see the customer's transaction situation. If the customer has relatively few past transaction records and a small transaction volume, but readily agrees to a large order, then foreign traders need to be vigilant. A more in-depth background check is the key to reducing trading risks.

Products and Services

French customers have high requirements for products and services, and they are also very willing to try new things and designs. Of course, the premise is that one cannot be too adventurous and radical, as this can easily arouse the conservative mentality of the French.

The above are some characteristics of French customers. If you want to learn more or want to obtain tracking data tools, you can send us a private message~

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