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The four most common misconceptions in foreign trade quotations! Did you get hit?
When beginners in foreign trade first encounter foreign trade quotations, it is inevitable that they will fall into some common minefields due to lack of experience. Although everyone has a process of stepping on lightning, stepping on lightning in quotations often leads to customers sinking into the sea without responding.

Therefore, for beginners in foreign trade, it is still very necessary to understand the pitfalls in quotation and how to avoid them.

 Urgent to quote

Many beginners in foreign trade have experienced the situation of sending a large number of development letters in the early stages, but eventually they all sink into the sea. Therefore, some foreign trade professionals are very anxious to respond to customer quotation requests, fearing that their response may not be timely enough and lead to customer loss again.

But it should be noted that if a hasty reply to an email results in a quote that does not meet the customer's expectations, the result will also be a disaster. Therefore, after receiving a quotation request, foreign traders need to analyze the customer's needs in depth, and also need to double check the accuracy of the quotation to avoid some fundamental errors.

Foreign trade personnel can use tracking data to directly input customer names and see detailed trade data of customers. Through the data, foreign trade personnel can basically determine the type of customer, customer experience, customer demand tendencies, etc. After analysis, creating a targeted quotation can greatly improve the accuracy of the quotation.

Lack of necessary elements

A complete quotation contains a lot of elements, including price, payment method, transportation method, production date, packaging details, quotation validity period, etc. If necessary elements are lacking, not only will customers feel that you are not professional enough, but it will also lead to customers not being able to obtain the necessary information, thereby reducing negotiation efficiency.

This is also another reason why foreign traders cannot respond quickly, as details are often overlooked in a hurry.

 Perfunctory quotation

Many times, when customers ask for a quote, they are not just looking for a price, but need more detailed information. But some foreign traders, due to the prolonged response to quotations, may be more perfunctory in their quotations, which may lead to more customer loss.

Of course, there are also some foreign traders who simplify information during the initial quotation stage to prevent information leakage to competitors. However, the necessary display of information is one of the key factors affecting customer responses, so foreign traders still need to master this degree.

Template reply

Except for some simple inquiries, most customers will ask their own questions when inquiring about quotations. Therefore, when replying to emails, foreign traders also need to make changes to the emails, rather than responding uniformly according to a template. If the customer does not see the content they want to see, they will not reply.

If you want to learn more about foreign trade quotation techniques, or if you want to obtain tracking data analysis tools, you can send us a private message~

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