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How can beginners in foreign trade improve their negotiation skills? 5 simple and practical tips to
Foreign trade negotiation is a highly skilled task, with poor negotiation skills. Even if foreign traders have access to more contact information, there may be very few transactions in the end. If the negotiation ability of foreign trade professionals is greatly improved, the probability of transactions will also increase significantly. So how should foreign trade beginners improve their negotiation ability?

Thinking from the customer's perspective

When a customer makes a request, there must be a reason behind it, even if it does not align with their own interests. Therefore, if foreign traders want to continue negotiations, they need to consider from the customer's perspective why they have made such demands and whether there are any win-win methods.

If we can help customers solve problems, they may not necessarily be unwilling to compromise. Even if foreign traders cannot solve the problems faced by customers, they can still let them know that you truly put yourself in their shoes, which can enhance their favorability and increase the possibility of future cooperation.

Comprehensive background check

For beginners in foreign trade, a lack of experience is irreparable in the short term, so it is important to make the negotiation process smoother. Foreign trade professionals need to be well prepared, conduct comprehensive background checks on customers, understand their needs, and always start from their needs during the negotiation process, which will make the negotiation process smoother.

Foreign traders can use tracking data to directly search for customer names and see detailed customer data, including transaction frequency, transaction quantity, transaction weight, partner, HS code, etc. This can help foreign traders roughly determine what type of customer it is and what their needs are.

In addition, foreign traders can also use the social media links on the page to see what their daily published content is, which can help sellers have a clearer understanding of what customers need.

Learning negotiation psychology

Psychology can influence the pace and direction of negotiations during the negotiation process. So for beginners in foreign trade who want to quickly improve their negotiation skills, negotiation psychology can also be studied. Many times, under the same conditions, just changing the negotiation method may result in completely different outcomes.

Having a positive mindset

For beginners in foreign trade, due to their limited negotiation experience, they often lack mentality. If the mentality is unstable, it is easy for customers to find loopholes and let them take the lead. After the customer takes the lead, negotiations become even more difficult.

So foreign trade beginners must adjust their mentality and avoid showing an overly anxious attitude during the negotiation process.

Accumulate professional knowledge

In the process of foreign trade negotiations, a large amount of professional knowledge is often involved. In order to avoid making customers feel that you are not professional enough and to improve reaction speed, foreign trade beginners also need to consciously accumulate professional knowledge in their daily work. When encountering problems, one should explore with a positive attitude, rather than just ignoring them temporarily.

The above are 5 tips to improve negotiation skills. If you want to learn more or want to obtain tracking data tools, you can send us a private message~

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