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Knowledge driven goods! Analysis of UK customer characteristics! Are you sure you're not familiar wi
As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK's foreign trade situation and data have a significant impact on global trade. The UK is not only one of the most important foreign trade markets in Europe, but also the preferred market for China's foreign trade exports. So what do foreign traders need to pay extra attention to when dealing with British customers? How can we handle UK clients as much as possible?
 Personality traits

British people are very planned, and their execution ability is also very strong, so once a plan is made, they will demand that it be carried out according to the plan.

This is very evident in terms of delivery time. When you have agreed on a delivery date with a British customer, but you are unable to deliver on time, without sufficient reasons, you may not only face fines, but also the dilemma of canceling the order. Therefore, foreign traders should try to avoid this problem as much as possible, so that transactions can proceed smoothly according to the plan.

Negotiation style

British people attach great importance to etiquette, so whether it is online conversations or offline meetings, foreign trade professionals should be more serious. British people generally do not easily establish personal relationships with others, and are relatively cautious in their interactions. Therefore, the direction of foreign trade people's efforts is mostly based on the transaction itself.

Ueeshop tip: British people have a strong sense of hierarchy, so if necessary, sending people with higher status and status to participate in negotiations will have a more ideal effect.

eating habits

Meeting with UK clients offline inevitably involves the dining process, and providing customers with a good dining experience becomes very important. When dining with British customers, Western cuisine is the first choice. It should be noted that British customers have high requirements for taste, and if they are not satisfied, they may even choose to change places. Therefore, when choosing a restaurant, it is important to be cautious.

Products and Services

For product quality, British customers have very strict requirements, often even to the point of strictness. They are particularly concerned about the appearance quality of the product, including scratches, color scheme, packaging design, etc.

Therefore, foreign traders should not only pay more attention to appearance design, but also be more cautious in transportation packaging. If the material is special, protective measures must be taken to avoid damage during transportation, which customers will not accept.

Credit status

The credit status of British people is above average, so foreign traders don't have to worry too much about the other party defaulting on payments when dealing with British customers. However, this does not mean that all UK clients are like this, so appropriate background checks are still very necessary.

Tracking data allows free and unlimited access to the transaction overview of all enterprises, and provides multi-dimensional transaction reports. This can help foreign traders comprehensively understand the transaction details of the enterprise, thus providing a basic judgment of the customer's credit status.

Finally, foreign traders should note that although the UK has been separated from the EU for a long time, some foreign traders still tend to classify it as part of the EU, which can easily lead to decision-making errors, so it is important to be cautious.

If you would like to learn more about skills in dealing with UK clients, or if you want to obtain tracking data analysis tools, you can send us a private message~

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