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Customers only need foreign trade factories? How can foreign trade companies gain customer trust?
For foreign trade companies, the most common question they encounter is: "Are you a factory or a foreign trade company?" When the foreign trade person truthfully answers, the other party may not reply again. Many foreign traders give up directly and no longer follow up with this customer, but often the other party may not be as firm.

The other party may just think that the foreign trade factory will be more reliable and can provide better cooperation conditions, which is why they have such performance. So what should foreign trade companies do to gain customer trust and strive for cooperation?

Reduce prices

Many customers think that a foreign trade factory would be a better choice because there is no intermediate cost in directly cooperating with the factory, so the price will be lower. So how should foreign traders determine if this is the reason? You can directly search for customer names and see their previous suppliers through tracking data.

For example, the UAE purchaser we searched for has suppliers all from India, indicating that they are still quite price sensitive. Therefore, if foreign trade companies want to compete, they need to offer lower prices.

If you want to lower your quotation and avoid compressing your profit margin, foreign traders can try these two methods: one is to find suppliers with lower prices, and the other is to increase the order volume to obtain more favorable discounts. The former requires foreign traders to strictly control product quality to avoid affecting subsequent cooperation with customers, while the latter requires foreign traders to bear the risk of hoarding goods.

Enhance professionalism

Of course, not all customers choose foreign trade factories because of price, and there are also some customers who refuse foreign trade companies more because they feel that the professionalism of foreign trade companies is not high, and the depth of their products and industries is not enough.

Similarly, we can also use tracking data to query and directly enter the customer's name to see their supplier. For example, the Italian purchaser we found in our search has suppliers from countries with high labor costs such as Argentina and the United States, indicating that they should pay more attention to the professionalism of their suppliers and the quality of their products.

To win over such customers, foreign trade professionals not only need to demonstrate their professionalism as much as possible, but also need to be as familiar with the foreign trade operation process as possible and understand the business rules of the target country, ensuring that they can provide more professional advice to customers. At the same time, try to ensure that only the same type of product is supplied, so that customers can trust you more.

Provide excellent service

Good service is the advantage of foreign trade enterprises compared to foreign trade factories, so foreign trade companies naturally need to maximize their advantages. Foreign trade companies need to accelerate their response speed, help customers solve more problems as much as possible, and provide customers with a good cooperation experience, so that customers will choose you.

Finally, foreign trade companies also need to manage their official websites, social media, etc. well to leave customers with a good and professional impression, so that negotiations can be easier.

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