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Want to develop Italian clients? You need to understand these first!
Italy is an important component of the European foreign trade market. Although Italy's current economic situation is not clear, our trade with Italy has not been affected as a result. Customs data shows that in 2022, the trade volume between China and Italy reached 77.884 billion US dollars, of which China's exports to Italy reached 50.908 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%.

Italy is clearly one of the markets worth developing for foreign traders, and before developing Italian customers, foreign traders need to have a preliminary understanding of it, so that both development and follow-up will be smoother.

Personality traits

Most Italians have an outgoing personality and are willing to try, but at the same time, their emotions are also very volatile, which makes them more procrastinating in decision-making. Therefore, when negotiating with Italian clients, foreign traders need to maintain patience and avoid being too anxious. On the other hand, they also need to actively take the initiative in negotiations, so as to push forward the negotiation process as much as possible.

Ueeshop tip: Italians have a poor sense of time, so they often do not follow the agreed time or unilaterally postpone the meeting, but this does not mean that the other party does not want to cooperate.

Tends towards long-term cooperation

Italian customers are more inclined to establish long-term cooperation with suppliers, which means that foreign traders are more likely to obtain long-term stable orders, but on the other hand, it also means that the difficulty of acquiring customers will increase. It is best for foreign traders to conduct a survey of their clients before starting negotiations.

You can enter the customer's name directly through tracking data and determine whether they have a fixed supplier by checking their trading partners. For example, the one we searched for, although one-third of the company's procurement comes from the same supplier, it still has a lot of other suppliers, which means that the other party is very likely to accept new suppliers, which are customers that foreign trade people can try to develop.

Pay attention to details

Italians pay more attention to details, including product details, cooperation details, etc. They will finalize all the details one by one before reaching a cooperation with you, which is also the reason why their order cycle is longer. In order to advance the negotiation process, it is best for foreign traders to inquire in detail about the other party's needs and introduce their products and services as much as possible to improve communication efficiency.

Reputation status

Italian customers are generally known for complying with contracts and making payments on time, so foreign traders don't have to worry too much about Italian customers defaulting on payments. Of course, this does not mean that sellers do not need to conduct background checks on customers and blindly trust them. After all, if the customer's company is not operating well, even if they want to keep their promises, they cannot complete it.

Foreign traders can enter the name of the target customer company in the tracking data. For example, if we search for an Italian purchaser here, we can directly see the company's transaction overview. From an annual perspective, the transaction weight is continuously increasing, which is likely to indicate that the company is operating well, so it is possible to gradually expand its transaction volume. For such a company, it is obviously more reassuring.

The above are some points that foreign traders need to pay attention to when developing Italian customers. If you want to learn more, you can message us privately~
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