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How to keep foreign trade customers returning orders? These are the key points!
Data shows that the cost of developing a new customer is 7 times higher than maintaining an old customer. For foreign trade professionals, maintaining an old customer and enabling them to continue returning orders not only stabilizes order volume, but also creates higher performance. So what should foreign traders do to ensure that customers can continue to return orders?

Proactively recommend other products

When you reach your first cooperation with a client and the cooperation process is pleasant, the client will develop a certain level of trust in you. So when you recommend products to customers, the probability of success will be higher. However, when customers purchase a product, they are unlikely to repurchase it in a short period of time.

Therefore, foreign traders need to focus their attention on other purchasing needs of customers. Foreign traders can search for customer names directly through tracking data to see their HS codes.

For example, the FRED PERRY C.O. GATEWAY DBA STATCO I. American purchaser we found not only purchases clothing, but also shoes. If you happen to have a corresponding production line, you can actually recommend your products to the other party.
Maintain customer relations

Proactively establish good relationships with customers, so that they will only think of you when they have procurement needs. The premise for maintaining customer relations is that your last cooperation was very pleasant. If the cooperation itself is not pleasant enough and there are even product quality issues, the probability of customers choosing you again will be very low.

In terms of customer relationship maintenance, foreign trade professionals can start from two aspects. One is holiday greetings. When encountering some important foreign holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, they can send greeting emails or electronic cards to customers. The other is to give them some exquisite special gifts when there is a chance for face-to-face communication.

Maintain contact with customers

Contacting customers does not necessarily have to wait for special holidays, and daily communication is also very necessary, especially after customers place orders. Of course, this degree needs to be well controlled. Frequent communication may also lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Persist in tracking valuable customers

Placing orders with foreign trade clients requires a long process, so many foreign trade professionals may feel that following up and maintaining customer relationships for a long time has not been effective, so they choose to give up. But we need to know that valuable customers have a high probability of making choices, so they are actually conducting long-term inspections of suppliers.

If you give up, the other party will naturally not give you the order, so if you judge comprehensively that the customer is indeed very valuable, then persist.

Visiting clients

Compared to online communication, offline face-to-face communication is actually more conducive to maintaining customer relationships. If foreign traders have the opportunity, such as attending foreign exhibitions, they may take this opportunity to visit their old customers. Understand the other party's after-sales needs or the latest procurement needs. This can make customers feel that you are professional and responsible, and may also expand new orders.

The above are some tips to keep customers returning orders. If you want to learn more, you can send us a private message~
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