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Is it difficult for Indian customers to handle? Do you really understand Indian customers?
India is currently the country with the largest population in the world, reaching 1.417 billion. However, due to India's high birth rate, it is foreseeable that its population will continue to expand in the future. The population base also represents market potential to a certain extent, so the prospects of the Indian market are highly anticipated.

But many foreign traders find it very difficult to handle Indian customers and have a high failure rate when developing the Indian market. And the Indian market is very difficult to give up, so what should be done to improve the order completion rate?


Although English is the official business language of India, many Indians have non-standard pronunciations, which makes the negotiation process more difficult. To avoid this issue, foreign traders need to either be proficient in Hindi or try to communicate through text, such as email correspondence.

Of course, this is a short-term response for foreign trade beginners. In the long run, it is still important to familiarize oneself with the speaking style and pronunciation of Indian customers as much as possible to ensure smooth communication. After all, Indians actually tend to prefer face-to-face communication, and face-to-face communication cannot rely on written communication.

Tip: There are significant differences in etiquette and customs between India and China. For example, when they shake their heads, they actually show agreement. Therefore, before engaging in face-to-face communication with them, foreign traders also need to have a deep understanding of India's cultural customs to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings that may affect the final cooperation.

Negotiation style

Indians are very enthusiastic about bargaining, even if you have already offered a lower price, they will continue to bargain. Therefore, at the beginning of the quotation, it is best to quote higher, so that there will be more negotiation space in the future.
Of course, this price should not be too inflated, because Indians value prices very much. If you quote much higher than the market price, it is very likely that you will not even receive a response.

Credit status

Overall, the credit status of Indian customers is relatively poor, so foreign traders must conduct a thorough background check when cooperating with Indian customers. If the other party has had outstanding payments in the past, even if the other party provides a larger order, the seller should be more cautious.

You can use tracking data to directly enter the customer name. For example, if we search for an Indian purchaser like MISUMI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, we will find that it has multiple suppliers, and the top four suppliers have more than 10000 transactions, indicating that their reputation must be good. Otherwise, these suppliers would not have engaged in such long-term transactions with them, So foreign traders can confidently conduct transactions with them.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics of Indian customers, you can send us a private message~
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