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What are the characteristics of Japanese customers? How can beginners in foreign trade improve their
Japan is the third largest economy in the world and one of the markets that foreign traders can choose from. Japan's economy is developed, and its import scale is very considerable. At the same time, Japan is relatively close to China and is a member of the APEC organization. Therefore, many foreign traders have also begun to focus on Japan in the past two years. To successfully expand into the Japanese market, foreign traders also need to have a preliminary understanding of Japanese customers.

Japanese customer personality

Japan is actually a more traditional country, and compared to bold attempts, they actually prefer to stick to tradition, so Japanese customers will not easily change suppliers. This means that it is actually quite difficult for sellers to explore new customers, especially those with stable suppliers. But it also means that if you cooperate with Japanese clients multiple times, they will not easily replace you.

In addition, Japanese customers are also very cautious, so they often spend a long time investigating and making decisions. Therefore, foreign traders need to be more patient when waiting for results.

Negotiation style

Japan is a country that places great emphasis on etiquette, and they strictly follow etiquette in everything they do. Therefore, before negotiating with Japanese clients, the first thing foreign traders need to do is to understand the basic etiquette of Japan.
One thing worth noting is that, out of politeness, Japanese customers often do not directly refuse, so many foreign traders will find that although they seem to have a good negotiation, the order cannot be pushed forward, which actually means that the other party is dissatisfied. You can only advance the negotiation process by identifying the problem and applying the right medicine to it.

Product quality and service

Japanese people have relatively high requirements for product quality, even for the production environment of their products. Therefore, in the process of negotiating with Japanese customers, foreign traders should actively provide relevant certification and testing standards, and also strictly control product quality.
Purchasing habits

Generally, Japanese customers do not purchase a large quantity at once, but it is relatively stable and the quoted price is also high, so the profit margin is still considerable. However, the premise is that your product meets the requirements of the other party. Of course, not all customers have small purchasing volumes. Before developing customers, it is best for foreign traders to use tracking data to check their previous purchasing volumes before deciding whether to delve deeper into development.

For example, the purchaser we found named INFINITY GLOBAL EUROPE B.V., taking November as an example, had 9 transactions, a transaction quantity of 36425, and a transaction weight of 18865, indicating that their procurement volume is relatively large. If your supply does not match, you will need to find other customers.
(Source: ueedata)
Reputation status

The reputation of Japanese customers is relatively good, which is actually determined by their personality. However, it should be noted that in recent years, the Japanese economy has declined, and some companies are indeed facing significant operational pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a background check on customers before cooperating with them.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics of Japanese customers, you can send us a private message~

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