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Is there a technique for sending samples in foreign trade? Are you sure you're not familiar with it?
Sending samples can be said to be a necessary step before closing a foreign trade order. When the customer requests you to send samples, it represents that the customer has already recognized you to a certain extent. If the samples can also satisfy the other party, then the order is likely to be successful.

Although it is a good thing for customers to ask you to send samples, sending samples itself is not as simple as you imagine. Foreign traders may also encounter many problems during the process of sending samples.

Should we send it or not?
When a foreign trade person receives a request to send a sample, the first thing they need to do is to consider whether the sample should be sent or not. Because many requirements for sending samples may not necessarily come from the purchaser, it is also possible that they want to obtain samples for free, or even from competitors. Therefore, foreign traders also need to make a basic judgment first.

If the other party has communicated with you before and has already reached a deeper level of communication, such as requesting a quotation, inquiring about details, etc., then you can rest assured to send the samples to the other party. But if the other party has never communicated with you before, then you need to conduct a background check on the client first.

You can use tracking data to directly search for customer names, view customer transaction records, suppliers, HS codes, and other information to roughly determine the customer's purchasing needs. If the other party's purchasing needs match yours exactly, the likelihood will be higher. But if the matching degree is low, then it needs to be more cautious.

For example, if you are a small to medium-sized supplier, but find your company as "TO ORDER SPRINT EXPORTS PVT LTD", we have found through tracking data that the transaction quantity and transaction weight of the company are both very large values. Therefore, the likelihood of the other party finding you for supply is relatively low, so you need to consider whether this is a fraudulent email.

(Source: ueedata)
Do you want to charge?
There are two costs involved in sending samples, one is the production cost of the sample itself, and the other is the shipping cost. If it is a large item, then this cost is still relatively high.

Whether to charge or not depends on the actual situation. If the other party requires a small quantity of samples and the price is also relatively low, they can waive the sample fee, but require the other party to pay the shipping fee.

If the sample price is high or if a large quantity is required, it is recommended to ask the customer for half or the full sample fee, and then free shipping. Of course, if it is an old customer, it is naturally free of charge and no sample fee is charged. After all, the old customer has already cooperated once and is quite knowledgeable.

To inspect a sample
The quality of the sample can have a significant impact on customer decision-making. Therefore, before sending the sample, foreign trade personnel must carefully inspect and do a good job in packaging to avoid accidents during the sending process. Even in case of transportation accidents, customers may question your reliability.

Finally, after the samples are sent out, the foreign trade personnel also need to continuously follow up with the customer's situation, such as sending delivery reminders, receiving reminders, seeking feedback, etc., to avoid the customer forgetting your presence while waiting for the samples or after receiving them.

If you would like to learn more about sample sending techniques, you can send us a private message~

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