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Did your development letter sink to the sea again? You may have made these mistakes!
Sending development letters is still one of the preferred channels for foreign traders to develop customers. On the one hand, its cost is relatively low, and on the other hand, its implementation difficulty is also relatively low. Just know the customer's email to send development letters. However, sending development letters at the same time will also pose a great challenge for foreign traders, which is the extremely low response rate.

There are many reasons why the development letter did not respond, besides some uncontrollable factors, there are actually many details that foreign trade personnel can control. And what foreign traders need to do is optimize these details to improve response rates.

Not meeting customer needs
Many foreign trade professionals send development letters by directly purchasing packaged email addresses and then using the same template to send them to everyone in groups. And this will lead to many customers with mismatched needs receiving your development letter, and they will naturally not reply. At the same time, sending too many times in this way can easily lead to customer complaints and ultimately result in the email being blacklisted.

Therefore, before sending development letters, foreign traders still need to do a good job of customer matching. You can use tracking data to directly filter customers by keywords and countries, and then match customers by viewing their detailed procurement information.

For example, if we search for a purchaser named CONAIR LLC, we will find that their procurement volume is very large. If we are just a small supplier and their needs obviously do not match, then sending a development letter to them is not very meaningful.

Foreign traders still need to screen out more accurate customers, conduct preliminary background checks, and then send development letters, so as to have a higher response rate.

Only introduce oneself
Although the purpose of sending development letters by foreign traders is to introduce themselves and let customers know about you. But for customers, they don't care who you are, they only care about what you can bring them. Therefore, when writing a development letter, foreign trade professionals must pay attention to starting from the customer's perspective. For example, at the beginning of the development letter, point out what you can provide and solve for them.
Too detailed
Customers receive a large number of development emails every day, so they won't have the patience to read all the content and filter out the key information. Therefore, when writing a development letter, foreign trade professionals should try to streamline the information as much as possible, highlight key information, and lower the reading threshold, so that the information received by customers will be the richest.
There are some details in the development letter, such as spelling errors, capitalization, use of abbreviations, excessive use of punctuation, and sending at the wrong time, which can also lead to a decrease in reading and response rates. These details may not require high standards, but foreign trade professionals need to be more attentive.
Finally, what foreign traders need to do is to continuously follow up with customers. After sending the first development letter, foreign traders can continue to send follow-up emails three days later, one week later, or two weeks later, until the other party replies to you. However, it should be noted that this interval needs to be gradually extended to avoid customer frustration.
If you want to learn more about development letter writing skills, you can send us a private message~

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