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How should foreign trade professionals arrange work to follow up with clients after the Spring Festi
On the 15th day of the first month, the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) has passed and the Spring Festival has officially ended. Before that, most foreign trade enterprises and foreign traders have resumed their work. Returning to a normal work rhythm may inevitably lead to some discomfort. On the one hand, it is due to low work efficiency after the holiday, and on the other hand, it is because there is a lot of work after the holiday and it is relatively cumbersome. So, how should foreign traders arrange their work reasonably and follow up with customers?

Modify holiday time

After the official resumption of work, the first thing foreign trade personnel need to do is to modify the holiday time and issue resumption notices, including websites, social media platforms, and social media platforms, in order to avoid customers giving up their inquiries. In addition, if the seller has set up an automatic email reply, it should also be cancelled.

Contact factory or supplier
There are significant differences in working hours among different factories. Therefore, in order to ensure timely supply of goods, foreign traders also need to first contact factories or suppliers, pay a New Year's greetings, and understand when the other party will start construction, whether there are price changes, whether there are New Year's discounts, and whether the supply capacity is fully restored. This facilitates foreign traders to respond more clearly to customer messages in the future.

Tip: If a foreign trade person cooperates with a freight forwarder, they also need to contact the freight forwarder to understand the current situation of goods transportation.

Restore advertising placement
The vast majority of foreign traders, in order not to waste advertising costs out of thin air, will choose to suspend advertising before the new year. Therefore, after resuming work, foreign trade workers also need to resume advertising and adjust their advertising strategies based on past trends.
Follow up with customers
After the preparation work is completed, the foreign trade personnel need to start processing customer information. It should be noted that the response strategies that the foreign trade personnel need to adopt should also be different when facing different types of customers.
Ordered or Shipped Customers:For the former, the foreign trade person needs to arrange the shipment plan in a timely manner and provide the other party with a detailed schedule. For the latter, foreign traders need to promptly follow up on the latest feedback from customers, help them solve problems, and improve customer satisfaction.
Customers who are willing to place orders:These types of customers have been in communication for many years, but their order plans have been put on hold due to the Chinese New Year. Therefore, for such customers, what foreign traders need to do is to let them know that you are fully prepared and welcome them to place orders at any time.
Customers who send inquiries during holidays:Most of these types of customers have already taken a long time to send, which can easily lead to foreign trade professionals being anxious and wanting to reply earlier. However, it is obvious that blind sending can lead to a high probability of sinking into the sea. Therefore, foreign traders still need to calm down and do a simple background check first.
You can use tracking data to directly search for the customer's name, and you can see detailed information such as the customer's transaction volume, transaction weight, transaction quantity, and partners, and conduct preliminary customer matching.
For example, if we are a small and medium-sized short sleeved supplier and receive an inquiry email from a supplier named "BLACK&DECKER US INC", we will find that their transaction volume is very large, and their trading products are mostly hardware parts. Obviously, this is not our target customer, so when replying, there is no need to be overly concerned.
If a foreign trade person finds that the other party matches the product you are supplying and the supply is also equivalent, then personalized responses need to be made based on the other party's email, so that the effect can be more ideal.

The above are some tasks that foreign trade professionals need to do after the holiday. If you want to learn more about customer development skills, you can send us a private message~

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