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The source of goods is the foundation for foreign traders to start their foreign trade business. High quality sources of goods can not only help foreign traders successfully complete orders, but also shape a good reputation, thereby gaining more cooperation. So where should foreign traders go to find high-quality sources of goods?

Exhibitions and trade fairs

Every year, a large number of exhibitions are held in China, including comprehensive and professional exhibitions, which gather a large number of suppliers. Due to the high cost of participating in exhibitions and intense competition, most suppliers only participate if they have sufficient confidence in their products and have a relatively sufficient budget. Therefore, it is relatively reliable to search for suppliers at foreign trade exhibitions.

However, there are many large enterprises at the exhibition, so they have certain requirements for minimum order quantity. Therefore, for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, their choices may be relatively limited.

B2B platform

There are also many B2B platforms in China, and there are also many suppliers on these platforms. There are many choices on B2B platforms, and the minimum order quantity is relatively low, which will be more suitable for small and medium-sized foreign traders.

Social platforms

In the era of nationwide marketing, more and more factories began to promote their products through social media platforms such as Little Red Book and Tiktok. So foreign traders can also search for suppliers by directly searching for keywords on social media.

However, it should be noted that information on social media is released for free and has not been reviewed, so there is a high amount of false information. Therefore, if foreign traders want to find sources of goods through this channel, they must be vigilant and avoid being deceived, which can lead to financial losses.

Cross border service providers

Cross border service providers, including website construction, logistics, payment, promotion, etc., will come into contact with a large number of foreign trade customers. Therefore, foreign traders can also use them to find suppliers. Generally speaking, they can consolidate two customers at the same time, and within their capabilities, they will be very willing to help.

Foreign trade tools

Some foreign trade customer development tools can also search for domestic suppliers, such as tracking data, which supports the entry of domestic suppliers.

Foreign traders only need to search for product keywords to see a large number of suppliers who provide the product. At the same time, they also support viewing the supplier's detailed page, which will include a detailed introduction of the supplier, including product list, enterprise display, and contact information. When the seller selects suitable suppliers, they can contact the other party.

For suppliers, this is a good place to increase product and brand exposure. As they use tracking data, they are basically foreign traders who want to develop customers. They have a demand for goods, so these exposures are accurate and effective.

If you haven't found a suitable source of goods yet, you can send us a private message to learn more~

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