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What are the characteristics of African customers? What should we pay attention to when developing t
Africa is undoubtedly one of the new blue ocean markets for foreign trade, and its current economic growth rate is very fast, which has led to the rapid rise of the African middle class. The acceleration of urbanization and the rapid rise of the middle class have greatly increased the purchasing power of African consumers.

However, at the same time, due to weak local productivity in Africa, African consumers are highly dependent on imports. Therefore, Africa is a market that is very worthwhile for foreign traders to develop. So, what are the characteristics of African customers? What should foreign traders pay attention to when expanding into the African market?

At Leisure
Being calm and not in a hurry is one of the biggest characteristics of Africans. They don't rush to do something, which makes them procrastinate in their work. Therefore, when developing African clients, foreign traders must have patience and cooperate with the other party's pace to do things. If foreign traders cannot hold their breath for a while, it will be difficult for the transaction to continue.
Although we often refer to it collectively as the African market, there are many countries and regions on the African continent, each with its own unique culture, customs, language, and customs. So there are differences in both product requirements and negotiation pace.

Therefore, foreign traders still need to have a deep understanding of the negotiation habits of customers in each country, so as to prescribe the right medicine and increase the probability of successful negotiations.

Due to the late start and short development time of African economies, they are relatively sensitive to prices. They will prioritize products with lower prices and even be willing to sacrifice quality in pursuit of lower prices. Therefore, when foreign traders optimize their products and production processes, they still need to focus more on cost savings.

If your product is indeed priced high, then you need to provide enough evidence to persuade your target customers, such as complex processes, high material prices, and particularly long processing times.

Credit standing
The overall credibility of African customers is moderate to low, so foreign traders must conduct background checks on customers before conducting transactions with them. You can search for customer names directly through tracking data and see some detailed information about customers.
For example, if we search for a Nigerian purchaser named "ALLIANZ ENERGY AND OILFIELD SUPERT", whose transaction frequency is relatively low and all transactions occurred in August last year, then its business situation is worth further investigation. If the other party is a startup company and there are no further transactions, then the foreign trade person needs to conduct further background checks.
Emphasize interpersonal relationships
In Africa, interpersonal relationships are very important, and locals often like to call each other brothers and sisters. Therefore, establishing good relationships with customers is one of the effective strategies for negotiating orders. However, this foreign trade person also needs to depend on the situation. If the other party communicates in a business and formal tone from the beginning, the foreign trade person should avoid being too casual.

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