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What are the channels for developing foreign trade customers? How to improve customer development ef
Customer development is a major challenge faced by foreign traders, and only by developing foreign trade customers can foreign traders obtain orders and generate profits. So customers are the foundation of everything. If you don't even have customers, it will be difficult for foreign trade business to continue. So what are the channels for developing foreign trade customers? How can we improve customer development efficiency?

Foreign trade customer development channels

1. B2B platforms: Foreign trade B2B platforms include China Manufacturing Network, Alibaba International Station, etc. The customer resources on these platforms are very rich, and many customers will actively come to visit them. However, on these platforms, due to the large number of suppliers gathered, the competition is very fierce. If the advantage is not so obvious, the inquiries that foreign traders can receive will be very limited.

2. Foreign trade exhibitions: Every year, a large number of exhibitions are held both domestically and internationally, including comprehensive and industry exhibitions, which also attract a large number of buyers. The buyers at the exhibition are mostly of high quality and accuracy, but the competition at the exhibition will also be very fierce. After all, those who can spend money to participate in the exhibition themselves have a certain level of strength.

3. Google, Google Maps: Search directly through Google or locate the target area directly through Google Maps, which will contain information about nearby companies, including addresses, phone numbers, and even real scenes. However, this efficiency is relatively slow.

4. Customer development tools: There are many customer development tools on the market, which also gather a large amount of purchasing information, and most of them support filtering or searching, so the overall efficiency is relatively high. Of course, they require payment.

5. Community: Many social media platforms have activated community functions, such as Facebook group. Foreign trade professionals can join corresponding groups to find customers, or attract customers to come to their homes by posting product information in the groups.

However, it should be noted that groups have rules, and foreign traders should avoid frequently posting a large amount of promotional information, as it is highly likely to be kicked out of the group.

How to improve development efficiency?
Screening high matching customers: Through online methods, foreign traders can find a lot of customers, but if foreign traders directly send development letters to these customers, the efficiency is very low.

On the one hand, this can easily lead to email being blacklisted, and on the other hand, less precise development letters can have a very low response rate. Therefore, before sending development letters, foreign trade personnel still need to screen customers, find customers with higher matching degrees, and then proceed with development.

You can search for customers directly through tracking data, view their detailed information, including customs clearance, purchase quantity, purchase frequency, purchase weight, partners, etc., and then match according to your actual situation.

For example, we are a small and medium-sized supplier, but when we search for this customer named "VALBRUNA STAINESS INC", we will find that although their transaction volume is very large, their single transaction quantity is not very large. This means that the customer may be more inclined towards small transactions, which is actually a relatively matching one in terms of volume. For this client, the foreign trade personnel can conduct in-depth background checks and continue to develop.

If you would like to learn more tips to improve customer development efficiency, you can send us a private message~

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