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How do foreign traders quickly close high-quality customers? These points are key!
Potential high-quality customers often not only mean current order transactions, but also represent a steady stream of high-quality orders. High-quality customers are what every foreign trade person is pursuing, but obviously it is not easy to win high-quality customers. So is there any way to quickly acquire high-quality customers?
In fact, we can find a lot of customers, especially after sellers use data tools, they can basically find a large number of customers instantly. But obviously, they are not all high-quality customers, and there are even many low-quality customers. In this case, if foreign traders want to deal with high-quality customers, the first thing they have to do is to screen the customers.

Foreign traders need to screen high-matching customers through simple basic background checks. You can directly search the customer name through trace data, and you can see the customer's relevant information, including orders, purchase frequency, purchase volume, partners, etc.

For example, you are a clothing foreign trade Soho, but you found this American buyer named "AMEZIEL INC". When you enter the detailed page, we will find that its purchase volume is very large. In the case of volume mismatch, although the other party is a large customer, he is not your high-quality customer because the probability of closing a transaction is very low.

In addition, if the other party makes very few purchases or has never imported from my country, it will be more difficult to negotiate. Therefore, foreign trade people can consider excluding them to avoid expending a lot of energy and ultimately being in vain.

How to close a deal quickly?
After you have selected high-quality customers and communicated with them, you need to pay attention to the following points during the negotiation process.

1. Narrow down your choices

When customers face too many choices, they tend to be very entangled and find it difficult to make a choice. Therefore, foreign traders should avoid introducing too many products to customers at the beginning. If it is the same type of product, it is best to limit it to less than 3 types, so that customers can make decisions faster.

2. Don’t introduce too many new products

Once you find that the customer is interested in making a transaction, what you have to do is to let the customer focus on the current category instead of introducing too many new products. You know, distracting customers will lead to more problems for customers, which will delay the closing of the transaction.

3. Take the initiative to send samples

When you are sure that a customer has an order demand, and your needs match those of the other party, and you are very confident in your product, you can take the initiative to send samples to dispel customer doubts and gain their trust. and then promote the negotiation process.

4. Use benefits to guide customers

When customers have certain intentions, foreign traders can use limited-time discounts to attract customers to place orders quickly. For example, for a certain category, there is a discounted price only for these few days. Once you miss it, the price will return to normal. If the customer's intention is strong, the other party will actually choose to place an order.

If you want to know more tips on how to close a deal quickly, you can send us a private message~v
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