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Stop blindly stepping on thunder! Learn about the blue ocean categories of foreign trade
For foreign traders, it is very important to choose the right track, because only when the entire industry moves upward, the demand will be large and the difficulty of acquiring customers will be reduced. But if the industry has entered the stock market and competition has entered a fierce stage, the results can naturally be imagined. So in 2024, are there any blue ocean categories worthy of attention in the foreign trade industry?
"Three new things" in foreign trade
To say that the foreign trade industry is currently receiving the most attention, it is naturally the "three new things" of foreign trade, solar cells, electric passenger vehicles, and lithium batteries.

According to customs data, in 2023, my country's exports of mechanical and electrical products were 13.92 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.9%, accounting for 58.6% of the total export value. Among them, the total exports of the "three new" foreign trade products were 1.06 trillion yuan, breaking the trillion mark for the first time. . In 2023, one out of every three cars exported by my country will be an electric passenger vehicle, and exports for the whole year will be 1.773 million units, an increase of 67.1%.

With the global emphasis on sustainable energy, new energy-related categories have also experienced explosive growth. my country's exports in this area are very advantageous, with advanced technology and superior cost performance, so it will be a popular choice for foreign trade. One of the preferred blue ocean circuits.

Intelligent products

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the development of science and technology, product intelligence has become a new development trend in various industries. Smart homes, smart speakers, smart wearable devices, AI products, etc. are becoming more and more popular. In addition, intelligent products have higher profit margins, so they will also be a good choice for foreign traders.

Environmentally friendly products

With the improvement of environmental awareness, products that meet the requirements of sustainable development have begun to become new consumption hot spots. Market demand will undoubtedly have a significant impact on buyers' purchasing directions. Therefore, it will be easier to obtain more orders for products that use degradable materials and have pure natural ingredients.

Flexible production small machinery

With the increase in personalized demand, flexible production has begun to become a new trend in the manufacturing industry, so related small processing equipment and customized production lines have become more and more popular.

Of course, emerging blue ocean categories are far more than these, and also include many subcategories. Foreign traders can determine blue ocean categories by continuously paying attention to market trends and verifying data tools. For example, you can use to check changes in the number of suppliers and buyers, the latest transactions, etc.

If the number of buyers in your target category declines in the target market, it most likely means that market demand is shrinking. But if the number of buyers and suppliers is increasing, then the market may be on the rise.

Finally, if you are a foreign trader who has just entered the market, it is recommended to approach the blue ocean category. But if you have been working hard for many years, it is not recommended to change the track easily, because this is basically equivalent to starting over from scratch, and the risk is relatively high. You need to consider a variety of factors before making a choice, rather than just choosing whichever one is popular.

If you want to know more about popular categories, you can send us a private message~
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