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Have you fallen victim to these three types of development letters that foreign customers hate the m
As a stepping stone for foreign trade customer development, the importance of foreign trade development letters is self-evident. However, many foreign traders often encounter this situation. Carefully written development letters only receive very few replies in the end. If there is not even a reply, then the customer development efficiency will naturally be very low. So why is the development letter response rate so low?

The three types of development letters that foreign trade customers hate the most:

1. Long speech without focus

For foreign customers, they receive a large number of development letters every day, so even the development letters that they are more interested in will most likely read them quickly. Some foreign trade people, in order to introduce themselves in detail, often pile up all kinds of details, including the founding time, factory size, factory area, etc.

Obviously, customers will not have the patience to read such a development letter, so there is a high probability that the customer will hastily close your development letter, and naturally there will be no reply. Therefore, when writing a development letter, foreign traders should control their desire for expression, try to keep the content short and highlight the key points.
2. “Self-centered”
For foreign trade people, the first development letter actually serves as a self-introduction and arouses customer interest. Therefore, some foreign traders will describe in detail who they are, what their company is like, and what their products are like in their development letters.

It is true that this is something that foreign trade customers must understand, but it does not mean that your first development letter contains exactly these contents. Because this is meaningless to the customer. He doesn’t want to know what your product is like, nor what your company is like. He just wants to know what you can provide and what kind of problems you can solve. .

Therefore, when foreign traders write a development letter, they must pay attention to that your focus should be around the customer, such as what benefits you can bring to the customer, what advantages you have compared with other suppliers, etc.

If you want to write such a development letter, the first thing you have to do is to conduct basic background research on the customer. For example, you can directly search the customer name through trace data, and you can see the customer's detailed data, including purchase volume. , purchasing frequency, partners, etc.

For example, when we search for this buyer named "HUSKY INJECTION MOLDING SYSTEMS S.A.", we will find that its partners are basically from India. In fact, when the seller writes the development letter, he can focus on cost-effectiveness and product quality. If you start, the effect may be more ideal.

3. Not convincing
In addition to being brief, focused, and customer-centered, another issue that foreign traders need to pay attention to is that it is not persuasive. The development letter is full of routines and empty words. You know, some foreign customers are even more familiar with these terms than the foreign traders themselves.

Therefore, the development letter from foreign trade personnel should be as specific as possible, and it is best to use more data, so that customers can understand the key points at a glance.

The above are some details that need to be paid attention to when writing a foreign trade development letter. If you want to know more, you can send us a private message~

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