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Are you still making mistakes and losing orders? A guide to lightning protection for newbies in fore
For foreign trade novices, it is not easy to obtain foreign trade orders. This is not only because the foreign trade novices do not have accumulated customer resources, but also because they lack relevant experience, so the probability of losing orders is very high. So are there any minefields that newbies in foreign trade need to pay special attention to?

Ignore basic skills

The basic skills of foreign trade must be solidly practiced by every foreign trader, but many novice foreign traders are often very anxious about customer development, thus ignoring some seemingly simple details. For example, product details, trade processes, professional terms, document writing, etc.

Obviously, if there are problems with these details, it will leave an unprofessional impression on customers and lead to the loss of customers.

Improper communication rhythm
For foreign trade novices, it is also difficult to control the pace of negotiations. Whether there is no communication for a long time or too close communication, it may lead to the loss of customers. Especially for the latter, some foreign traders will frequently send useless information to customers in order to increase their presence, but obviously, this will only have the opposite effect.

Not paying attention to information confidentiality

For foreign trade novices, the awareness of information confidentiality is actually relatively weak, but you must know that the competition in the foreign trade industry is very fierce, and most information can be found by linkage.

Information leakage is likely to lead to customers being snatched away, so whether it is freight forwarding information, customer information, or sample delivery information, foreign traders must keep it confidential.

Eager to reply to inquiries

For foreign trade novices, they often go through a very long customer development period before receiving an inquiry. This will cause the foreign trade staff to have a very unstable mentality when receiving the inquiry and rush to reply to the customer. I sent an email, for fear that if it were too late, the other party would be lost again.

But you should know that the effect of usually replying to emails in a hurry is difficult to achieve. On the one hand, it is easy to make mistakes while busy. On the other hand, if the time is too short, it is also easy for foreign trade people to fail to grasp the key points.

Therefore, foreign traders should take some time to do some basic back-up before replying to customer inquiries. You can directly search for customer names through tracking data and view customer details, including purchase volume, purchase frequency, purchase cycle, Partners etc.

For example, if you receive an inquiry from the buyer named "CAICAI INTERNATIONAL INC", we will find that its purchasing cycle is more concentrated from July to January of the following year, and February to June is not actually its peak period. Frequent purchasing period.

Then the other party is very likely to be in contact with new suppliers and reserve new suppliers. In fact, foreign traders do not need to be too anxious to reply, but should first investigate the suppliers they have cooperated with and find their own advantages. location, and then reply to the email, so that the effect will be more ideal.

Prejudicial to the region

Stereotype, this problem often not only appears in newcomers, even many foreign trade veterans often make this mistake. Although customers in some countries and regions often have very distinct similarities, this does not mean that this is the case for every customer you come into contact with.

If you develop customers based on the established impression, the results will be predictable. Therefore, foreign trade people still need to do a good job of back-up work, and at the same time, pay more attention to the customer's performance during the negotiation process.

If you want to know more customer development skills, you can send us a private message~

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