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No customers were developed, but the account was blocked? Facebook anti-blocking guide, learn more!
Facebook is the world's largest social media platform and an effective channel for B2B to develop customers. However, when many foreign traders use Facebook to develop customers, they often encounter such a problem, that is, accounts are frequently blocked. If an account is blocked, you need to register or purchase an account. The former account is fragile and can easily lead to secondary bans, while the latter It will consume a lot of capital costs, so how can you avoid having your Facebook account blocked?

Ensure the login environment is pure

First of all, you need to avoid logging into the same Facebook account on multiple devices at the same time, or logging into the same account on multiple computers, which will cause the system to detect multiple IP addresses, leading to your account being banned.

Secondly, you need to avoid changing IP addresses frequently, which is also not a behavior for normal users of Facebook.

Finally, you also need to avoid registering new accounts and logging in multiple times on the same device and the same IP, which may also result in your account being banned.

Keep an account

If you register a new Facebook account, the first thing you need to do before developing customers is to maintain your account.

First, you need to complete your account information so that it looks like a real person is using it. In addition, clear identity information is actually the first step to gain customer trust.

Secondly, you need to update the content regularly. The content can be related to your daily life or professional content that customers care about.

Finally, you need to browse dynamic information from time to time, like and comment on other people's content. This will make your account look more like a real person rather than a "marketing account."

Of course, when it comes to adding customers, foreign traders also need to pay attention. Whether they are adding friends or joining groups, they must do so step by step. It is best not to add more than 10 friends per day in the initial stage, and it is best for groups to be added within 2 to 2 days of operation. Join again after 3 weeks.

Improve customer accuracy

Block reports from users are also likely to result in your account being blocked. When users frequently receive promotional information that they are not interested in, it is time for them to report complaints. Therefore, foreign traders can also reduce the probability of complaints by improving customer accuracy.

You can use tracking data to view customer details, including Facebook accounts, orders, partners, etc., to filter out customers who meet product positioning.

For example, if you are a foreign trade Soho, and the customer you searched for is the customer named "WEIKAWEN TECHNOLOGY LTD", we will find that its purchase volume is relatively large, then the other party is actually not your best choice. Because not only the response rate and transaction rate are low, but there is also the risk of complaints.

Follow Facebook platform rules

Facebook has its own platform rules, and obviously violating these rules will result in your Facebook account being blocked. Of course, foreign traders need to explore the bottom line of its platform rules on their own.

The above are some tips to reduce the probability of Facebook account being blocked. If you want to know more, you can send us a private message~

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