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Stop saying you can’t find customers! Get these Whatsapp customer development tips now!
Whatsapp is one of the main channels for foreign trade people to develop customers, but different people have different evaluations of it. Some foreign trade people believe that Whatsapp is very effective in developing customers, while some foreign trade people believe that developing customers through Whatsapp is both efficient and effective. All very poor. So when developing foreign trade customers, should we continue to choose Whatsapp? How can we develop more customers from Whatsapp?
Why choose Whatsapp?

Allow sending messages to strangers:
Whatsapp allows you to send messages to strangers. As long as you know the other party’s mobile phone number, you can send messages, make calls, etc. through Whatsapp. This can effectively shorten the communication path and thus increase the response rate.
Reading status:Whatsapp displays the reading status, including whether it has been sent, whether it has been delivered, and whether the other party has read it. This can help foreign trade people take more accurate follow-up actions.

High activity: Whatsapp has a very high user activity. At the same time, because it is an instant messaging tool and has a certain degree of privacy, the user viewing rate is also very high, basically above 80%, so its actual reach rate is relatively high. .

In addition, the cost of developing customers using Whatsapp is also relatively low because it is a free instant messaging tool.

How to use Whatsapp to develop customers efficiently?

Locate target customers: Before using Whatsapp to develop customers, the first thing you need to do is to locate target customers. You need to conduct background checks to find customers who are consistent with your product positioning, rather than casting a wide net.

If you frequently send development information to unintentional customers, you will easily be blocked and reported by customers. And this may lead to the Whatsapp account being blocked. Obviously, this is not worth the gain. Therefore, foreign traders should still screen customers first and then send out letters.

You can view customer details through tracking data, including purchase frequency, purchase volume, purchase cycle, partners, etc.

Suppose you are a foreign trade Soho of camping lamps, but you search for this buyer named "NATUZZI AMERICAS INC". Although most of its suppliers are from China, its main purchases are furniture products, including home lighting, then In fact, the other party is not a developable object, so you need to continue to look for a suitable development object.

Personalized communication:When you find a suitable development target, you need to send development information to the other party. Obviously, cookie-cutter development information will not work. At this time, you need to tailor the development information based on the customer background information you have previously investigated.

Provide valuable content: In the process of communicating with customers, providing valuable information is the key to attracting customers. You can provide customers with useful information by sharing industry news, product information or solutions. This will not only help you establish a more professional image in the minds of customers, but also increase the frequency of interactions between customers and you, thereby increasing the overall conversion rate.

Finally, you also need to respond to customer messages in a timely manner, which can generate more interactions and seize more opportunities.

If you want to know more tips on developing customers through Whatsapp, you can send us a private message~

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