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Are you chatting to death again? Are you sure you don’t know the eight skills of foreign trade negot
In foreign trade business, effective negotiation skills are one of the key factors in successfully obtaining orders. Many foreign trade novices often end up chatting to death due to lack of experience and skills, thereby wasting the customer resources they finally obtained. Therefore, it is very important for foreign trade novices to understand foreign trade negotiation skills.

Do basic back adjustment

Before negotiating with a customer, the first thing you have to do is to conduct a basic background check on the customer, because only by understanding the customer well can you adopt the correct response strategy. You can view customer details through tracking data, including purchase frequency, purchase volume, purchase cycle, partners, etc.

For example, if you are a small and medium-sized foreign trade company, the buyer you need to negotiate is "KICHLER LIGHTING". We will find that it has purchasing experience in China, but it also has suppliers from India. Then The buyer may be more concerned about price.

In addition, we will find that although it has had many partners, it has maintained long-term and stable cooperative relationships with multiple suppliers. This is enough to show that it is an object of long-term cooperation. Then during the negotiation process, foreign trade People need to focus more on long-term cooperation rather than the current order.

Active listening

During the negotiation process, it is crucial to actively listen to the other party's needs and opinions. By listening, you can better understand the other party's position and demands, and thus develop more effective negotiation strategies. In addition, listening can also establish good communication and trust with customers to lay a good foundation for successful negotiations.

Keep Calm

During the negotiation process, you need to remain calm at all times, regardless of challenges or pressure. Because only by staying calm can you better deal with emergencies and thus take the initiative in negotiations. If you are swayed by emotions, it is easy to find loopholes for the other party, and it is also easy to leave an unprofessional impression on the other party.

Grasp the pace of negotiations

If you grasp the pace of the negotiation and let the other party follow you, the probability of successful negotiation will be higher. You don’t have to rush to express your position and opinions, but rather put forward your suggestions and opinions at the appropriate time. Of course, you also need to pay attention to controlling the speed of the negotiation to avoid being too fast or too slow to ensure that both parties can fully understand and accept each other's opinions.

Learn to compromise

In the process of foreign trade negotiations, compromise is inevitable. Only by learning to compromise and making concessions when necessary can your negotiations proceed more smoothly. But compromising does not mean giving up your own interests, so you need to reserve space in advance to avoid damaging your own interests.


Attention to detail
The details of the contract terms will not only directly affect the success of the negotiation, but also affect the interests of the foreign traders themselves. You need to carefully analyze and research the contract terms and related matters to avoid hidden pitfalls and risks.

Be flexible

No matter how many techniques you learn, you need to be flexible and respond to actual situations instead of mechanically applying techniques, which actually defeats the purpose of the techniques. You need to flexibly adjust your negotiation strategies to deal with various emergencies. At the same time, you need to be good at exploiting the other party's weaknesses and deficiencies to find breakthroughs in negotiations.

Keep learning

Keep learning, stay sensitive to the market and industry, understand the latest negotiation techniques and strategies, and constantly improve your negotiation abilities and levels, so that your negotiation skills will become more and more mature.

If you want to know more about foreign trade negotiation skills, you can send us a private message~

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