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In the process of expanding foreign trade business, WhatsApp has become one of the indispensable communication tools for many foreign trade people. However, in the process of using WhatsApp to develop customers, many foreign traders will encounter the problem of frequent blocking of WhatsApp accounts.

Frequent blocking of WhatsApp accounts will not only prevent the accumulation of customer resources, but also cause foreign traders to pay more costs and resources. So how to avoid having your WhatsApp account blocked?

Avoid changing mobile phone numbers frequently

Frequently changing mobile phone numbers is very likely to be judged as an abnormal operation by the WhatsApp system, because the WhatsApp account itself is registered based on the mobile phone number. Therefore, foreign traders should try to avoid changing their mobile phone numbers. If they must change, it is recommended to wait for a period of time before logging in again.

Avoid using third-party plugins
Using third-party plug-ins or software may result in your WhatsApp account being blocked, especially plug-ins that are not officially approved by WhatsApp.

Avoid sending too many links and files

Sending too many links or files will be deemed by the WhatsApp system as abusing the platform, thereby triggering the risk of account closure. Therefore, it is best for foreign traders to reduce the frequency of sending links and files to avoid alerting the system.

Avoid sending large amounts of spam

WhatsApp has strict regulations on spam messages. If you frequently send spam messages, it is very likely that your account will be recognized as a spam account by the WhatsApp system, resulting in the account being banned. Therefore, you need to make sure your information is valuable and relevant.

This requires foreign trade people to start from two aspects. One is to find more accurate customers. For non-precise customers, all the information you publish is junk information. The other is to develop personalized information. On the one hand, this can avoid publishing a large amount of the same information and being recognized as spam by the system. On the other hand, it can also increase the response rate.

To do these two things well, the first thing foreign traders need to do is to conduct basic background checks on customers. You can use tracking data to view customer information, including purchase frequency, purchase volume, partners, etc.

For example, you are a foreign trade Soho, but what you searched for is this buyer named "TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY". We will find that its purchase volume is very large, so it does not match the volume. Here In this case, if you send development information to the other party, the probability of receiving a reply is not high, so you can actually screen out this customer.

Keep account active
Keeping your account active can minimize the risk of being blocked. You need to log in to WhatsApp regularly, maintain communication with your contacts, and send normal messages and content.

Remember to choose a contact you are familiar with to send. If the other party does not reply for a long time, the system may determine that you have violated the rules even if you send a normal message.

Follow the WhatsApp usage rules

Complying with WhatsApp's usage regulations is the key to avoiding account bans. Therefore, before using WhatsApp to develop customers, you need to understand WhatsApp's terms of use and community guidelines in detail to ensure that your behavior complies with the platform's specifications.

Back up chat history regularly

To avoid losing important information due to account being blocked, you need to back up your WhatsApp chat history regularly. In this way, even if your account is blocked, you can restore important information in time and reduce losses.

If you want to know more tips on how to avoid having your WhatsApp account blocked, you can send us a private message~

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