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How can foreign trade novices use LinkedIn to develop customers? The most complete development guide
With the continuous development of global trade and the popularization of the Internet, competition in the foreign trade industry has become increasingly fierce. As a foreign trade novice, if you want to succeed in this field, you not only need to have professional knowledge and skills, but also be good at using various tools and platforms to expand your business.

LinkedIn, as the world's largest workplace social platform, currently has more than 700 million users worldwide, and almost all medium and large companies in the world use LinkedIn. More than 90 million users on the LinkedIn platform are company executives, 63 million of whom hold decision-making positions. So how can foreign trade novices use LinkedIn to develop customers?

Create a professional, polished profile
Your personal homepage will not only affect customers' first impression of you, but also their trust in you, so it is very important to create a professional and complete profile. Your profile needs to include detailed work experience, educational background, professional skills, project experience and other information, and upload a clear personal photo. This can help you create a more professional personal image and attract more customers.

Join relevant industries or groups

On LinkedIn, there are many industries and groups related to foreign trade. Joining these groups allows you to connect with more like-minded people and learn about industry trends and market information. You need to actively participate in discussions and exchanges in the group, and share your experiences and insights to attract the attention of potential customers.

Publish high-quality content and opinions

Publishing high-quality content and opinions on LinkedIn is one of the important ways to attract customers. You can demonstrate your professional knowledge and experience by publishing industry information, solutions, success stories and other content, thereby attracting the attention and trust of potential customers. Of course, you can expand your visibility and influence by participating in comments and liking other people’s content.

Proactively find and connect with potential customers

Use LinkedIn's search function to find potential customers based on keywords, industries, regions and other conditions. However, before sending development information, you'd better conduct a background check on the customer first. You can directly search for the customer through trace data and view the customer's detailed information, including purchase frequency, purchase volume, official website, partners, etc.

For example, if you are a foreign trade Soho, and you search for this buyer named "DESIGN WITHIN REACH", we will find that its purchasing volume is very large. In this case, even if you send a development letter to the other party, , the probability of reading will be very low, so foreign traders can actually consider screening out this customer.

When sending development information, foreign traders also need to personalize and customize the development information to explain your purpose and value to attract the other party's interest and attention. After establishing contact, further communication can be carried out through private messages or scheduled phone calls.
Regularly follow up and maintain customer relationships
Establishing contact is only the first step. To achieve long-term cooperation and stable development, you need to follow up and maintain customer relationships regularly. In the process of communicating with customers, pay attention to their needs and feedback, solve problems and provide support in a timely manner, so as to establish good trust and cooperative relationships.
Actively participate in online and offline activities
In addition to conducting business activities on LinkedIn, you can also engage in in-depth communication with customers by actively participating in online and offline industry events and exhibitions.

If you want to know more tips on developing customers on LinkedIn, you can send us a private message~

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