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How do foreign trade experts analyze the background of foreign customers? Get these skills quickly!
One of the key strategies for successfully developing foreign trade customers is to deeply understand and analyze the background of foreign customers. Only by conducting a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of customer backgrounds can foreign traders better grasp customer needs, formulate effective marketing strategies, and thereby increase the order rate. So how to analyze the background of foreign customers?

Understand client company information

The first thing foreign trade people have to do is to understand the customer's company information, including business scope, product line, market positioning, business model, etc.

You can discover a lot of valuable information through the customer's official website. For example, through the "about us" page, you can learn about the customer's company's business history, values, and other information.

At the same time, through the customer's official website, you can also initially determine the nature of the customer's company, whether it is a wholesaler, a retailer, or an online store.

In addition, you can also use the user comment area of the customer's official website to find out what end consumers are dissatisfied with, and then find your own advantages. This may later become a key point for you to impress customers.

Understand the operation status of customer websites

After you find the customer's official website, you can also use similarweb to analyze the operating situation of the customer's website, such as last month's traffic, traffic trends, traffic source markets, etc. If the customer's operating conditions are good and the traffic continues to increase, then in fact, when cooperating with the customer, foreign traders can consider taking a long-term approach and strive for as many cooperation opportunities as possible.

If customer website traffic continues to decline, customer demand may be unstable, and foreign traders must be more cautious.

Understand customer purchasing habits

You can learn about the procurement cycle, purchase amount, purchase volume, port preferences, suppliers, etc. through trace data.

For example, if we search for this buyer named "HANKOOK TIRE AMERICA CORP", we will find that its purchasing volume and frequency of purchases are very high, and its purchasing cycle is also relatively stable. Basically, it requires a large amount of purchasing every month , and at the same time, from 2020 to 2023, its purchasing volume has also remained at a relatively stable state, so the other party is actually a stable and large customer.

In addition, by looking at the partners, we will find that they have procurement experience in China. If the size and category match, this customer is worthy of development by foreign trade professionals.

Follow your customers’ social media accounts

Whether it is the customer's or the customer's company's social media account, foreign traders need to pay attention when conducting background checks. By analyzing your customers' marketing strategies, you can know what products they mainly recommend and what their main selling points are. This can help you better understand your customers' real needs.

In addition, you can also use whois to understand the history of customer domain names; use to understand changes in domain name homepages.

If you want to know more tips or tools for customer background checks, you can send us a private message~

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