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How many of the LinkedIn anti-blocking skills do you know that are essential for newbies in foreign
As a newbie in foreign trade, LinkedIn is an indispensable customer development platform. However, with the increasing popularity of LinkedIn, accounts are blocked from time to time, which brings a lot of troubles to foreign trade people. So how can foreign traders avoid having their accounts blocked when using LinkedIn to develop customers?


First of all, the most basic thing is that as a newbie in foreign trade, when carrying out customer development activities on LinkedIn, you must abide by the rules of use of the platform and strictly abide by LinkedIn's user agreement and policies.

Foreign traders need to avoid illegal activities, such as sending spam messages in groups, frequently adding friends, etc., especially in the early stages of account registration.

natural behavior patterns
When foreign traders use LinkedIn, they should try to imitate natural user behavior patterns and avoid excessive activity or abnormal behavior that would attract the attention of the platform. Foreign traders can appropriately control the frequency and quantity of activities and avoid conducting a large number of operations in a short period of time to reduce the risk of account closure.

Update information regularly

Regularly updating your profile and publishing content is one of the important ways to keep your account active and stable. In addition, publishing valuable content, including hot news, past cases, product introductions, etc., can also attract potential customers to come to you and get more inquiries.

Investigate customer background

Conducting background checks on customers and screening high-matching customers can increase the probability of customer responses and avoid complaints from non-target customers.

You can search for customer names through tracking data, and you can see detailed customer information, including purchase frequency, purchase volume, purchase amount, partners, etc.

For example, if you are a foreign trade Soho, and the buyer you searched for is "LOLLICUP USA INC", we will find that its purchase volume is very large, and the demand matching degree is actually relatively low. On the one hand, It is difficult for Soho to meet the needs of customers. On the other hand, it is difficult for Soho to have an advantage among many suppliers. In this case, it is of little significance to send development information to the other party. On the contrary, it may cause the account to be blocked.

Personalized communication
Once you’ve conducted background checks on potential clients, you’ll need to write a personalized development letter that’s tailored to your needs rather than using a fixed template. By tailoring communication strategies based on user needs and pain points, customers will be more likely to respond, while also reducing the possibility of being considered spam.

Regularly monitor account status

Novices in foreign trade need to regularly monitor the status and activities of their LinkedIn accounts so that they can detect and deal with account anomalies in a timely manner to ensure the security and stability of their accounts. If the account is found to be abnormal or restricted, foreign traders need to contact the platform customer service in time to seek help and solutions to avoid the account being blocked.

Finally, foreign traders also need to pay attention to logging into LinkedIn in a network environment that is as stable as possible and avoid frequently switching terminal devices, browsers or IPs. These behaviors can also easily lead to the blocking of LinkedIn accounts.

If you want to know more tips on how to avoid having your LinkedIn account blocked, you can send us a private message~

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