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Want to successfully get Thai customers? You need to know this!
Thailand is one of my country's important trading partners and has abundant business opportunities and market potential. To successfully conduct business in the Thai market, it is crucial to understand and adapt to the culture, habits and needs of Thai customers. So what are the characteristics of Thai customers? When exploring the Thai market, are there anything you need to pay special attention to?

speak Thai

Although some Thais can speak English, the vast majority of Thais communicate in Thai. Therefore, in order to successfully negotiate with Thai customers, foreign traders must first be proficient in Thai, and at the very least, some business-related Thai. , foreign traders must master it.

Respect Thai culture
Thai people respect traditional culture and etiquette, and respecting elders and authority are their important values. Therefore, when dealing with Thai customers, foreign traders must respect their culture and avoid causing offense in words and deeds.

Build good relationships

In Thailand, interpersonal relationships are very important. Establishing good interpersonal relationships with Thai customers will help build trust and cooperation. You can get closer to each other by sharing hobbies, chatting, etc.

In addition, most Thai customers do not like to do business with strangers, so it is best for foreign traders to be introduced by organizations or individuals that are familiar to both parties, which will make it easier to succeed.

negotiation style

When negotiating with Thai clients, you need to be flexible in their negotiating style. Thais often tend to express their opinions tactfully and indirectly rather than express their opinions directly. Therefore, when negotiating with Thai customers, foreign traders must think deeply about the other party's true intentions.

Credit status

The credit status of Thai customers is relatively average, so foreign traders must conduct background checks on them before cooperating with them to avoid payment arrears.

You can view customer details through tracking data, including purchasing cycle, purchasing volume, partners, preferred ports, etc.

For example, the person you are negotiating with is the Thai buyer named "WESTERN DIGITAL STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES THAILAND LTD". We will find that its purchasing times are relatively small, and they are all concentrated in February this year. At the same time, it also changed If there are multiple suppliers, sellers actually need to be more cautious. It is best to conduct in-depth background checks before making a decision.

Pay attention to face and social situations

Thai people attach great importance to face and social occasions. In public places and business activities, foreign traders should avoid unnecessary embarrassment or loss of face to them. Showing your courtesy and respect in social situations will help gain their favor and trust.

In addition, Thai people also have a very strong sense of time. It is a sign of politeness to arrive at appointments on time. Therefore, whether it is an online or offline meeting, foreign traders must attend appointments on time or in advance.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of Thai customers, you can send us a private message~

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