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Why do Brazilian customers always ask for credit? To develop the Brazilian market, you need to pay a
Brazil is the most populous country in South America, with a population of 210 million, ranking sixth in the world. The huge population base and rapidly developing economy make the Brazilian market one of the markets that attracts much attention from foreign traders. So what issues do foreign traders need to pay attention to when exploring the Brazilian market?

Payment Problems

Although Brazil is one of the largest economies in South America, it is also a developing country. Under the background of uneven economic development and a large gap between rich and poor, most Brazilian customers hope to share financial pressure through credit sales and extend the payment period so that they can Better manage cash flow.

Under this circumstance, when foreign traders are trading with Brazilian customers, they must carefully manage the capital chain on the one hand, and they must also conduct background checks on the customers on the other hand. You can view customer information through tracing data to make a basic judgment about the customer.

For example, if we search for this Brazilian buyer named "DOMPEL INDUSTRIA", we will find that it only had five transactions in February. Although these five transactions were all with the same supplier, it cooperated with For Pakistani suppliers, this buyer is likely to be a company that has just been established and has limited funds, so the risk of post-payment or installment payment will be relatively high.

Character traits

The pace of life of Brazilians is very slow, which also leads to the slow pace of their work. Therefore, Brazilian customers are relatively slow and unpunctual whether they are responding to emails or meeting offline. Therefore, foreign traders still need to be more patient when negotiating with Brazilian customers.

It is worth noting that Brazilian customers prefer face-to-face communication. Therefore, in the process of carrying out foreign trade business, foreign traders can also consider visiting customers more and having face-to-face communication to establish deeper relationships.

Tips for finding traces: Brazilians attach great importance to personal image and etiquette. Therefore, foreign traders should pay more attention to being dignified and decent in speech and behavior when interacting with Brazilian customers.

Focus on interpersonal relationships

In Brazil, interpersonal relationships are equally important. Brazilians value friendship and social interaction, and business activities often have the main purpose of establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Therefore, foreign traders need to invest more time and energy to build trust and intimacy with customers.

Focus on product quality and after-sales service

Brazilian customers have higher requirements for product quality and after-sales service. They will attach great importance to the quality and performance of products, and also pay great attention to the immediacy and efficiency of after-sales service. Therefore, in the process of conducting business, foreign traders must ensure that product quality is acceptable on the one hand, and on the other hand, they must provide high-quality after-sales services in a timely manner.

Finally, foreign traders need to pay attention to fully respecting the cultural background and values of Brazilians to avoid making customers feel offended.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of Brazilian customers, you can send us a private message~
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