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foreign trade salesman
Tracking Data can be used to view many high-quality buyers, as well as their contact information. With a try and try attitude, I have been logging in and searching for some customers almost every day when I have free time for a month. I have sent emails to customers and added them to WhatsApp. I have received several inquiries and am currently chatting, which gives me a great sense of achievement.
Team leader
I work in the food industry and with a trial mindset, I used Tracking Data for a month and successfully completed a sample order. Although the order is not large, the food industry requires trial use. I am full of information about the data, so I upgraded the annual payment package.
Start up company owner
I have been too busy lately and haven't looked carefully. I exported about a thousand contact information in bulk, and after sending a development letter in bulk, I closed an order. Simple and easy to use, with high accuracy.
Company boss
At first, it was uncertain whether the data was valid. After using it for a few days, I discovered the transaction situation of many peers and buyers, and could see the specific product specifications, quantities, amounts, etc. that were transacted. So, I immediately upgraded my annual payment package again
We are in the cable industry, using boxes and customs data, combined with social media development. We recently placed an order of 2 million yuan, which was already closed last night
Miss Lin
Senior Salesman
Single $60000
Using the usual time to develop an ordinary customer to find a high-quality customer is better than 5 ordinary customers, and even better than 10 junk customers. This is how I feel when I run out of trace data.
Abbott Chan
Department manager
30% increase in customer conversion rate
Compared with similar products on the market, the customs data with the background analysis function on the market needs at least 5w. Tracking Data is the most cost-effective I have encountered. It can help me analyze the client's background and let me have a certain grasp of the client. In the past, I didn't know the customers well, and I was always led away by the customers, wasting time, and the orders were not big.
Mr. Ou
Startup Boss
Work efficiency increased by 60%
In the past, it was a very painful thing to do customer analysis. To copy customs data into an excel form, often because of the huge data, every operation would be stuck for a long time, which was a waste of time. But if you don’t analyze customers, you can’t do anything. Classify customers. Later, my friend recommended Tracking Data. I spend most of my time now on the cutting edge. I have a certain confidence in developing customers and spend time on high-quality customers.
5 years experience salesman
5 years experience salesman
There is too much competition for inquiries on the B2B platform, and the inquiries sent to me by others are also sent to other peers. The focus of displaying advantages is the analysis of customer information and the product analysis of competitors in the same industry. This Tracking Data has been achieved, and the diversified chart display is clear and clear, which helped me successfully win the order of 400,000.
startup boss
Completed 4 orders
Our company has been established for more than a year, and it is not clear what country and what product market is good. At present, we hope to expand customers without spending too much marketing costs. Nowadays, the price of Tracking Data is low, and it is just possible to find accurate buyers. It is also possible to judge and determine the market from the import and export analysis of countries and products in customs data. Since it was put into use, our company has placed four orders.
head of the team
The quality of inquiries on the B2B platform varies, and it is impossible to judge the specific situation of customers. The emergence of Tracking Data has solved my problem. Doing background checks on trade data can analyze the quality of inquiring customers and help our team develop high-quality customer resources. Now it is the final stage of price negotiation!
Market Development Specialist
Work efficiency increased by 40%
Google search not only needs to go over the wall but also use various search formulas, and also needs to be able to screen customers and find information. This process is cumbersome and inefficient. The Tracking Data just simplifies this process. You can find the customer's transaction information without going over the wall, and you can also find the contact information. This shortens the search time for active development, and has more time to follow up with customers, which improves my work. efficiency.
Qingdao ** Co., Ltd.
foreign trade manager
30% increase in customer conversion rate
Integrating customs data into every link, verifying customer value, allowing the business to analyze and understand each customer more deeply, effectively transforming and revitalizing the customer resources in hand, solving the deep-seated needs of the enterprise, and empowering the business , save costs and improve the efficiency of order conversion.
business assistant
I had a preliminary understanding of customs data before, so when I saw low-priced Tracking Data, I tried to use it. I found that I could also see the data of peer companies, and analyzed peer data to mine competitors’ customers, which brought us a lot. big help.
Foreign trade clerk
60% increase in efficiency
The process of finding and contacting customers is cumbersome! The multi-dimensional analysis report of tracing can grasp the customer's procurement cycle and procurement volume, help us increase the professionalism of the enterprise, fully understand the sincerity of cooperation, and get orders faster.
Guangzhou ** Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
foreign trade manager
Single $40000
The potential visitor business cards collected at the exhibition are at most 20, and the area is limited. We want to shift the focus of customer acquisition to online, and found trace data. Its market information analysis is excellent, which helps us better grasp market trends, position ourselves more accurately, and quickly find market opportunities. One has already been sold. Order for $40000.
Performance increased by 20%
I used to obtain inquiries from Ali, which was passive customer acquisition, but now active customer acquisition has become the mainstream trend, and colleagues and friends around me are looking for various platforms and methods to actively acquire customers. I just found that the Tracking Data is cheaper than other products on the market, the cost is not high, and it is easy to use, so I established a relationship. Now the effect is not bad, there are many inquiries every day, and a small order was made some time ago.
foreign trade manager
Development letter success rate increased by 50%
I don't like passively waiting for inquiries. Now it is a trend to develop customers independently, and the cost is only one-fifth of the B2B platform. Social accounts, names, phone numbers, and titles increase the success rate of our letter development. At present, a total of 37 customers have been contacted, half of which have already established contact, and two have been sold. I will continue to follow up and strive to convert them into orders as soon as possible.
I have just joined the company for half a year, and I have been looking for ways and channels to acquire customers. I just saw that the Tracking Data is available in a quarterly version, and the price is not high. With the mentality of giving it a try, I did not expect it to bring me such a big surprise. I got the first inquiry within two weeks of use, and the intention is very high and I am very interested in my product.
1 year salesman experience
The previous customers were mainly from Southeast Asia, and now I want to open up the European and American markets. The Tracking Data helps me understand the European and American markets, as well as customer mining and customer data analysis. Knowing myself and the enemy makes me more confident when developing customers.
Shanghai ** Co., Ltd
foreign trade manager
Doing foreign trade is really busy! When I go abroad to visit customers, I will also do user research in advance to get more real buyers. Tracking Data helps me select key countries, filter customer stratification, visit more customers after going abroad, and have more opportunities to make orders.
Director of Marketing
More than 20 inquiries in half a year
After the number of salesmen increases, the resources of the traditional B2B platform can no longer meet the current business needs. My friend recommended Tracking Data to me, which can not only find customers, but also analyze the customer situation. After getting familiar with the use, there are more than 20 inquiries in about half a year.
Dongguan ** Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
foreign trade manager
Developed two customers in one quarter
Actively develop customers and quickly develop foreign markets through data. Compared with some customs data whose prices fluctuate tens of thousands, trace data is an efficient customer acquisition tool that is rare in the industry and full of sincerity. The price is low, and the data chart is also very easy to use. I have developed two customers in one quarter, and I am very satisfied!
team manager
600,000 orders in two weeks
It is difficult to judge the company's situation and business from the customer's business card obtained from the exhibition, so it is impossible to classify customers and use the corresponding development method, and the effect is greatly reduced. The Tracking Data helped me gain an in-depth understanding of customers, know their purchasing habits and purchasing frequency, and help me negotiate orders. In two weeks, I completed an order of 600,000 yuan.
Logistic specialist
Completed two orders of $150000
It takes a lot of time to reclassify the customer information found on the Internet according to different categories. Tracking Data can find corresponding customers according to the route I want to find, and can directly query the company's trade data and product volume, etc. It is convenient and fast to be able to contact you when you have a certain understanding of the customer. During this period, two orders worth 150,000 US dollars have been sold.
foreign trade manager
In the past, using LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and other social software and Yellow Pages to find customers took a lot of time for the salesman, and the work efficiency could not be improved. You can use the tracking customs data after registration, and I think it is very good after a small cost trial. In-depth analysis of old customers can also find new customers and peer customers. The product is very cost-effective, and the customer service staff are very friendly when they have questions.
business assistant
Now there are many kinds of customer acquisition tools, the content is similar, but the price of most of them is between 5,000 and tens of thousands, which is too expensive for a salesman like me. Until I saw the Tracking Data, this was the only one I saw that had public prices and supported quarterly payment. It was full of real buyers, and it was quite easy to use.
The largest order amount is more than 1.8 million
1 year of foreign trade soho, the budget is not much, and exhibitions or Google promotion are not considered for the time being. It is very important to analyze the market, investigate accurate buyers, and get the contact information of customers. One-to-one development is very important. "Tug-of-war" communication requires strong psychological quality! At present, there are more than 90 customers who have established contact, and the largest order amount is more than 1.8 million.
File more than 500 customers, and the amount of the order is $7000
I do knitted fabric processing and garment OEM, which belongs to a relatively traditional textile industry enterprise. Limited to Google search, the salesperson has insufficient experience in the market, cannot collect and integrate information well, the efficiency of background investigation is low, and the method is also outdated. The Tracking Data is updated every month to find real purchasing customers and establish contacts. Starting from scratch, more than 500 customers have been registered, 12 customers in the quotation stage, 3 customers in the sample stage, and 2 actual transactions, with a transaction amount of about 7,000 US dollars.
Beijing ** Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
foreign trade manager
The first project amount is 5 million RMB
I am in the business of medical devices. In the past, I mainly focused on B2B platforms and exhibitions. The investment cost was high and the quality of customers varied. Now I need to change the traditional foreign trade model and thinking and develop customers online. I use Tracking Data to find customers, contact customers, write development letters and make phone calls, etc., saving a lot of manpower and time, and greatly improving efficiency. The first project reached 5 million RMB.
business manager
Efficiency increased by 70%
As the saying goes, time is money, every minute wasted is one less customer! I do clothing, and the product lines are many and complex, so efficiency and customer accuracy are very important, and the type of customer determines the size of the order, so customer analysis is very important! The Tracking Data really helped me in this regard. I used to collect the content for a few days, and now I can produce an analysis report in a day. My efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved.
5 years experience salesman
The quality of Ali's inquiries is getting worse and worse, and some of them are even fake inquiries. Instead of passively accepting them, it is better to take the initiative. I consulted the customer service to understand the situation of the platform, and found that there is a free trial opportunity. The impression is not bad, and the customer service can also quickly deal with feedback when reporting problems. Compared with other customs data platforms, their prices are the most reasonable, and the effect of using them is not bad. After background analysis, they have a certain understanding of customers, and their development is also targeted.
Jiangsu ** Textile Co., Ltd.
foreign trade manager
Successfully explore new markets
In the past two years, bedding exports have been difficult, trade relations have been tense, and market orders have continued to decline. After analyzing the market size and price trends in recent years by using trace data, we reselected 2 markets and have successfully opened up 1 new market so far!
Guangdong ** Group Co., Ltd.
foreign trade manager
Achievement of more than ¥10 million
The cost of the exhibition is high, but the effect is very small, and the performance stops at ¥500,000. Using Tracking Data is to develop customers firstly, and secondly, to understand overseas purchasing trends. Purchasing market analysis has helped me grow rapidly and achieved a performance of more than ¥10 million.
head of the team
80% increase in efficiency
Our company was mainly engaged in domestic trade before, but now we are trying to do foreign trade. We spent a lot of time to check a lot of information and asked many friends without knowing anything about overseas markets, but the information we obtained can be used. There are a lot of things that cannot be used, so how should we analyze them? I have to say that big data is really helpful. You can not only search but also view relevant data analysis to know the market situation of the product in that country.
Wuxi ** Machinery Co., Ltd.
deal a customer
The market conditions are relatively poor, and it is necessary to actively develop customers. Tracking can query the import and export countries of Chinese companies, and can also provide multi-dimensional contact information. One customer has been sold.
Hunan ** Communication Co., Ltd.
Business cooperation opportunities increased by 60%
The objective and fair evaluation of Tracking Data can make up for human errors in decision-making, and the information obtained is more comprehensive and accurate, which speeds up the decision-making time and enables our company to win business cooperation opportunities at many critical moments.
3 years experience salesman
Most of the customers from the B2B platform are C-end customers, and the orders are relatively small. If you want to expand your profits, you have to find large and high-quality customers. Later, when I was looking for customer acquisition tools, I learned that Tracking Data, generally speaking, customer resources will be of higher quality than B2B platforms, because customs data are real buyers, big customers and small customers can analyze and screen by themselves , and can also do background tone analysis, killing two birds with one stone.
Foreign trade clerk
Data is business opportunity! In the early stage of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to develop customers. I like the market analysis and background investigation functions of trace data very much. Analyzing the market distribution and changing trends of products helps me adjust market strategies in a timely manner and analyze peers, so that the company can better adjust export prices and develop customers in a targeted manner.
Foreign Trade SOHO
The transformation of traditional factories from domestic trade to foreign trade has very limited resources and contacts, and "finding customers" has become the main problem. The tracking box and customs data have helped me solve the double problem of high-quality leads + real procurement. Multi-dimensional contact methods can help us screen and verify Real buyers, to achieve the purpose of quickly issuing orders. After using it for half a year, it has accumulated a lot of old customers, and the turnover is more than 800,000 US dollars.
Head of Startup
Efficiency increased by 70%
In the past, in order to do a good job of customer reference, each time I spent a lot of time searching the official website, products, social accounts, etc., and then summarized and analyzed it, which took at least half a day. Now with the Tracking Data, I can directly click to view the company's official website and social media, and can also analyze and judge customer preferences based on trade data, which has significantly improved my work efficiency.
Zhejiang ** Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.
The cumulative amount of orders reached more than 2 million
Our company is engaged in home furnishing export, and Ali inquiries are mostly C-end customers. The depth of customer background research is not enough, and it is difficult to close the deal. It is necessary to develop large customers. Through tracking, check the buyer's scale, transaction, finance, etc. to do online data analysis, locate accurate B-end customers, quickly contact and close the deal, and help us complete the order The cumulative amount reached more than 2 million.
foreign trade manager
In the early days of the business, Ali International’s orders were small and had little effect. The background investigation of the Tracking Data can see who has cooperated with you before, purposefully screen out the target customers, and then send development letters in a targeted manner based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Let us have confidence and assurance, and make the transaction easier!
Market Development Specialist
Order $20000 in less than two weeks
Our company has been looking for customers through exhibitions and B2B platforms before, spending about 600,000 a year, but the quality is still low. My friend learned about the Tracking Data, not only the cost is much lower, but I can also analyze their purchasing frequency and cycle according to the characteristics of my products to judge whether the customer is accurate. In less than 2 weeks, I concluded the negotiation A small order of $20,000 was placed.
business manager
Reduce training costs
There are many newcomers in the team. As the person in charge, I think the search of big data and the content of Tracking Data can allow newcomers to understand the market and industry quickly and easily. After a simple training, they can use the import and export records to screen out a batch of high-quality potential clients, greatly reducing my training costs.
Ms. Zhang
business manager
Received inquiries from more than 10 interested customers
The cost of the platform is getting higher and higher but the effect is getting worse and worse, which can no longer meet my needs. I am now using Tracking Data to find real buyers and customers. I can analyze potential customers based on the content of the bill of lading, and develop customers is more targeted. The result of using it was unexpected to me, and I received more than 10 replies from interested customers.
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